Do you charge for artwork?
All orders include one free graphic, be it a clipart, photo, PDF design, or logo. Graphics must be identical over the entire order or a $10 artwork fee may be assessed for each additional graphic.

Where should I send my artwork?
You can upload your artwork directly. If you're emailing your order, you can attach it to your request email or send the art to

If you do want to physycallly mail in your artwork, please send to:
250 Business Park Dr.
Fortville, IN 46040

What types of image files do you accept?
We prefer: EPS, TIF, AI, JPG, PDF

We will also accept: PNG, GIF, BMP, PSD, DOC, PPT and others

I want a color image! What are my options?
Sublimated aluminum products allow for color printing as well as select items that may be color printed with UV ink. All other options are laser-engraved in black or frosted white, depending.

What is dpi?
DPI stands for "dots per inch". When a printer reads an image, the dpi determines how many "dots" of ink will fill each square inch of surface. The higher count of dots, the better quality image.

Most images found on your computer will be the standard: 72dpi. For optimal printing, the minimum recommended is 300dpi.

Where can I get the best artwork from?
The best source for high resolution artwork is your company's art, marketing, or graphics department. Always request vector or print-ready artwork.

Some PDFs are scalable, meaning the text and graphics increase proportionately in size when you enlarge them. If you don't have an art department, try sending us a PDF with your logo on it.

For photos, the best source is either a direct export from a digital camera or a very high-quality scan.

Why can't you just resize my artwork?
There are two basic types of images: raster and vector.

Raster artwork is made up of a grid of pixels, or tiny squares of color, to create an image. When you increase the size of that image, the squares stretch and become distorted. This results in poor printing and line art.

Raster files include: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF

Vector artwork uses math to draw areas of color and shape. Because of that, the artwork retains is clarity no matter how big or small it is!

Vector files include: EPS, AI, some PDFs, SVG

Can't I just get my images from Google?
Maybe. Google image search now has the abilty to search for images by size. Always try Large first, for the best chances of getting print-ready artwork.

Be sure to watch out for watermarks from stock image websites. These are owned by the site and require a fee to use. We cannot use copyrighted or commercial artwork without the owner's permission.