6 Ways to Honor Heroism with a Custom Plaque

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Kyle Sherman
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April 11, 2022 at 3:34:54 PM PDT April 11, 2022 at 3:34:54 PM PDTth, April 11, 2022 at 3:34:54 PM PDT

Giving a plaque to a local hero is always a gift that is well received. Personalizing the plaque makes it both meaningful and memorable. You can choose from one of several ways to honor a hero - all which distinguish them in a special way.

To choose a personalized plaque, you first need to think about the reason for the reward.

● Who is the receiver?

● What are you honoring?

● How do you want to convey your thanks and your message?

Answer these questions first before you choose the perfect plaque. Doing so will make it easier to buy a plaque that delivers just the right message and meaning.

Designs of custom plaques enable you to narrow down your selections even more. The following information will give you more insight about what to pick. Plaques are made of different materials and fall under different categories. Therefore, carefully review the different plaques to see which award best fits with your gifting or award ideas and concepts.

1. Recognition Custom Plaques

You can recognize a hero’s efforts as a first responder, in the corporate sector, or as a firefighter or police officer in one of various ways.

Aluminum Award Plaques

An aluminum plaque is an ideal way to show recognition to heroes, as the metal comes in colors, such as silver, gold, or white - with the metal-engraved message mounted on various board styles. Choose from boards made with materials that depict crystal, clear, wood, or marble backgrounds. You’re in total control over your award’s design.

Cherry Wood Custom Plaque Designs

You might also consider having an award made in solid cherry. This is the ideal plaque to choose to give to a sports hero or to show your appreciation, in memoriam, for a hero’s lifetime works. This bevel-edged, rectangular plaque looks great when laser-engraved in charcoal lettering. Full-color printing is also available.

You can choose either of the above recognition plaques in portrait or landscape designs and in various sizes. Wall mounting is available (using keyhole slot design) or you can display the plaque with an easel.

2. Crystal Diamond Awards

Another great hero award choice comes in the form of a crystal diamond award. This lovely diamond-shape etched glass plaque, with frosted or color printing, comes with a stand. This makes the plaque a nice display piece for a shelf or desk. Use the award to commemorate a hero for lifetime achievements or for a memorable event.

3. Shield Award Plaques

For heroes who work as police officers, shield award plaques are the ideal choice. Personalize the award in a metal, such as white, gold, or silver aluminum, or engrave your message on bronze, copper, stainless steel, brass, or titanium. All shield plaques are made with a walnut board design. Plaques are available in various sizes.

4. Granite Pillar Award

To commemorate the heroic efforts of someone special, you can also select a beautiful indoor/outdoor pillar award made of granite. The 7” x 2” x 2” memorial creates a lasting tribute to a hero in your life - be it a pet, friend, loved one, colleague, or coworker.

5. Rosewood Maltese Cross Plaques

Rosewood maltese cross plaques create the ideal tribute to the rescue efforts of firefighters. The cross symbolizes fire service worldwide. Choose this lovely commemorative award to thank your local firefighters.

6. Acrylic Newspaper Plaque

Newspaper accounts of heroes can be highlighted with acrylic newspaper plaques. Use this plaque to showcase a published heroic event to honor your recipient. Printed on clear acrylic, the plaque features standoffs that allow the plaque to stand out when displayed on the wall.

Personalize That Special Plaque Today

The above listing will help you decide on a custom recognition plaque. Use your own artwork and/or message. Make your customized design today.