Be prepared for National Girl Scout Day with awards and more

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Anthony Fertino
Published on
March 3, 2023 at 2:40:48 PM PST March 3, 2023 at 2:40:48 PM PSTrd, March 3, 2023 at 2:40:48 PM PST

National Girl Scout Day is observed on March 12th, so families of past and present Girl Scouts should be prepared to celebrate! Girl Scouting has been a positive force for kids, promoting activism and expanding its programs for generations. Our products can help you reward members’ hard work and support their events in creative ways.

Girl Scouting achievements deserve creative and professional awards

When people think of the Girl Scouts, they probably think of those iconic boxes of cookies. However, Girl Scouting can be very involved, with a variety of activities that require serious effort. That absolutely deserves some equally official recognition.

If there’s a Girl Scout in the family, show them how proud you are of their participation, commitment and success with our custom awards.

You can consider our unique bamboo plaque award, which comes with a black iron stand. It’s more elaborate than a traditional certificate and frame. It can also include any meaningful message or logo. This will allow you to feature a particular badge, program, and more.

This tile plaque award is also made with eco-friendly bamboo. So, it will match any outdoorsy Girl Scout programs and general environmentalist activism. Supporting the environment is a popular way to improve your community.

Our glass custom award is a rectangular option that stands on its own. The award’s clear glass display is naturally elegant. As a result, it feels both fancy and humble.

Even though it’s a glass award, you can freely add full color printing to the display. This will allow you to capture any kind of vibrant setting that your Girl Scout explored. That can be very useful if you’re sending a gift to a younger Girl Scout. Kids are probably more likely to enjoy something colorful, and maybe not so formal.

Support the programs and their leaders with our custom name tags and gifts

Girl Scouting will often get members involved outdoors for the community. The staff is very likely to need name tags. So, donating some fresh and approved name tags could be a helpful gesture. It’s a nice way to break the ice, if the Girl Scout in your family is a brand-new member.

Our custom plastic name tags are cost efficient and available in nearly two dozen different colors. Since the staff will often be around kids, the rounded corners and plastic material should keep things safe. You can even select a tape mounting. However, be sure to double-check with your organization ahead of time.

Naturally, you’ll be free to include your own text and a logo, making it easier to match the program. You can also have these name tags laser engraved so they can last longer. UV Color Printing may only last around two years.

For adult staff members, you might consider our engraved pen set. It’s a classy and eco-friendly gift to show appreciation for leaders that guided your Girl Scout through any program.

You can upgrade to customize the pen itself, at a very low charge. This can make it feel more like a set. Using a laser engraved option will also maintain the natural texture of the bamboo, which fits many Girl Scout themes.

Lastly, our custom bamboo picture frame is always a safe bet. Girl Scouts are likely to take many pictures with friends, staff, and the community they help. Families can treasure those moments forever with a classy picture frame with more natural textures.

This may not be very exciting for the Girl Scout herself. But our custom picture frame is a perfect gift for proud parents, family, or staff.

It’s a simple keepsake that comes with eco-friendly wood and a built-in easel. The frame can be laser engraved with any congratulation, names, or even an inside joke. It’s also one of the most budget-friendly and flexible options for Girl Scout gifts.

Girl Scouts continue to play a large role in the community and youth development. It isn’t just busy work for kids, but genuine learning and improvement. “Be Prepared” is a classic motto, and Girl Scouting does prepare youth to handle more responsibility.

Girl Scouting also promotes the practice of supporting each other, which is sorely needed more than ever. So, be sure to reward the Girl Scouts in your life with creative and thoughtful gifts this year. It would also be a terrific way to kick off Women’s History Month.