Celebrate Nature and its Protectors for National Wildlife Day

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Anthony Fertino
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August 22, 2022 at 12:05:41 PM PDT August 22, 2022 at 12:05:41 PM PDTnd, August 22, 2022 at 12:05:41 PM PDT

National Wildlife Day is recognized on September 4th, when everyday people can help local animals and their habitats. The day is also celebrated on February 22nd, in honor of beloved expert Steve Irwin. We can help you spend the day reconnecting with nature, supporting local critters, and rewarding anyone who protects them.

Going Hiking or Camping? Our Custom Water Bottles will keep your water Cool

Camping and hiking are easy ways to celebrate nature, and it’s also a great way to share your love for the outdoors with friends and family. If you live in a busy town or city, it can be easy to overlook nature. Revisit your local hiking trails to refresh your love for the animals and plants. It’s also a big opportunity to teach your kids about respecting and loving nature.

Our customizable water bottles have an insulated design that will keep your water cool, so that your loved ones stay hydrated throughout extensive hikes.

The stainless steel body is also sturdy enough to survive a tumble or two in challenging outdoor trails. These water bottles can even feature your own art, text or logo. If you want to spread awareness for organizations that you run or support, our bottles make an ideal gift for family and strangers alike.

Organize your Cleanup Activities with our Customizable Name Tags

You can directly support nature on National Wildlife Day by clearing out the litter from your local beach or hiking trails. Cleaning up after previous visitors is an effective way to restore decency and safety. Litter continues to be a serious health issue for local wildlife, so even the smallest gestures can save a life.

Our custom bamboo name tags can include your own message, title and logo to help raise awareness during your activity.

These name tags will allow you to quickly distinguish activity members from public guests. Even better, the tags are sourced from renewable bamboo. Simply using our unique designs will further support your cause, and the look will fit any eco-friendly theme. Just remember to reapply a water seal as needed, and our tags will last through plenty of cleanups.

Our Bamboo Awards make a great Gift for Staff, and a fun prize for Volunteers

Your local animal shelters and sanctuaries work tirelessly every day to help rescue critters. Acknowledging the staff’s efforts with one of our custom cut bamboo awards would be a simple way to celebrate National Wildlife Day.

Our affordable, environmentally friendly bamboo awards are available in 7 different shapes, and stand up with a bamboo wedge shaped pin.

This award can also make a great incentive for volunteer projects. It can be won as an achievement prize, such as collecting the most trash. Or, it could be distributed as a participation reward for all of the volunteers to remember the difference they made.

Display our Picture Frames to celebrate Animal Adoptions and Nature Trips

Adopting your own animal is a big step, and our bamboo picture frames are the perfect way to treasure it forever. You can preserve your first picture with the new family member, or even the adoption papers themselves.

These picture frames have a built-in easel, and they can be customized with your own message or art, using either a Laser Engraved or Color Printed production style.

There are also Symbolic Adoptions for wild animals, such as wolves or elephants. This supports and protects wildlife in need. Customers will often receive special certificates or photos of the “adopted” animal, which could also use a cozy picture frame.

If you decide to celebrate nature with an overdue hike or camping trip, there’ll probably be plenty of pictures of friends and family. If these are simply shared online, they can quickly become buried in new posts and forgotten.

Honor Volunteers, Staff and Donors all year with our Perpetual Plaques

Zoos, animal shelters and sanctuaries often receive donations from everyday people. These institutions could invite even more support by celebrating the biggest donations of each month, or the everyday people who volunteered the most hours, with our custom perpetual plaques.

These customizable plaques offer 12 spaces, which is enough to cover an entire year of monthly additions. This is perfect for recognizing star employees with perpetual awards. But you can also randomly select honorees from the people who adopted a rescue animal each month.

Choose from a variety of materials for the boards and plates. There are four basic boards, with over a dozen more if you upgrade.

National Wildlife Day can sometimes seem out of reach, but there are countless ways to celebrate local animals, their habitats, and the organizations working hard to protect them. Any kind of support will do—a small donation, a family hike, or volunteer work can all create a better future for struggling wildlife.