Corporate Gift Buying Checklist - Company Policy

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Kyle Sherman
Published on
December 7, 2021 8:00:00 AM PST December 7, 2021 8:00:00 AM PSTth, December 7, 2021 8:00:00 AM PST

Corporate gift giving is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your clients and your employees while sharing holiday cheer.

Finding that perfect corporate gift for your clients or your employees has never been easier. If you adopt an attitude of giving, that makes corporate gift buying less stressful and more fun! Once you start looking, you’ll find that the vast selection of gift ideas and products available from us are sure to satisfy all of your gift-giving needs. What’s more – personalized and custom engraved gift ideas can go one step further to convey that special feeling or message you want with a corporate gift.

Before you settle for a “tried and true” corporate gift, such as fruit baskets, calendars, gift certificates, charity donations, branded products, flowers or wine (all top choices for corporate gifts these days), consider this:

Check Company Policy

Many corporations, government offices and other enterprises will have a written policy that sets a limit on the dollar value of a gift or even prohibits gift-giving altogether. Not only should you know your own company’s policy, you should check with your clients about their company policy, so they don’t have to return any gift that may be inappropriate.

Know IRS Deductions

Generally, business gifts are tax deductible in the United States, up to $25 per person for the tax year – excluding things like packaging or mailing the gift. Also, depending on the business structure of your company, you can be subject to different rules. Be sure to review the IRS rules, which also change on a yearly basis.

Personalize Holiday Ornaments at PlaqueMaker

Share the warmth of the holidays with clients and employees by giving custom engraved ornaments. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, each ornament can include names, year, a special message, company logo, or a photo or holiday-themed clipart. You design it (with help from our expert customer service specialists, if you’d like)! Choose from crystal, bamboo, and faux leather! Each ornament comes with a gold metallic string for hanging and are individually packaged. We offer quantity discounts on custom products and gifts.