Feeling Festive? Be prepared for every Holiday this season!

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Anthony Fertino
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December 9, 2022 at 11:13:42 AM PST December 9, 2022 at 11:13:42 AM PSTth, December 9, 2022 at 11:13:42 AM PST

Happy holidays are rarely possible if you wing it, so you’ll need to be prepared early on for every holiday and finish off this season with something special for all your friends and family. The holiday rush is brimming with gift exchanges, but our customizable presents will allow you to add a personal touch for a lasting impression.

Winter Décor and Novelties with a DIY style are festive for everyone

Home décor and novelties are usually a safe bet, and can sometimes cover a broader feeling of the season as opposed to specific holidays. As a result, it also offers a wider variety of choices.

Does your loved one enjoy festive candy canes, or peppermint in their hot chocolate for the Holidays? Our custom soy candle offers a unique peppermint twist scent, and the lid can be laser engraved with any message.

A themed scent can really pull the room together by capturing the holiday season’s atmosphere. It’s also a very flexible gift, making it easier when you’re feeling uncertain about somebody’s tastes.

If you know they’d rather have a cup of coffee to stay warm during the trying winter weather, then they’ll love our snowman coffee tumbler. It offers a traditional snowman face on a 30 oz tumbler, insulating their morning coffee.

This is a more practical and nuanced gift, with neutral colors and an everyday purpose. This also makes it much less of an obligatory item compared to home décor, if you know your recipient can be a little picky.

Our standing slate sign is a broader celebration of the weather too, engraved with the phrase “Tis the Season to be Freezin”.

Although the stands are plastic, the slate itself is made from black slate, which has a novel chipped texture that reflects the rugged weather. The graphics also emphasize a snowman and snowflakes. Measuring 10” by 8”, it declares bold festive cheer.

We also offer custom wood signs for the front door, so your gift can welcome everyone to the big holiday get-togethers. Our gnome family sign proudly wishes “Happy Holidays”, and features cute gnomes that fit any magical holiday of the year.

The sign also emphasizes family, which is a universal and popular theme for any holiday. Aside from the gorgeous snowy setting, this sign is one of our most colorful and vibrant selections.

For something that isn’t so loud, we suggest our wooden snowflake door hanger. It has an intricate design, and the center can feature any monogram letter of your choice. Hanging from twine, it has a totally natural appeal.

Celebrate Christmas with our Custom Ornaments and themed décor

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts, ornaments for a mesmerizing new tree will be a perfect find. Ornaments offer plenty of freedom because they can successfully convey humor or offer stirring sincerity. They can also be used to mention any occasion. This includes first Christmases, such as our newlywed Christmas ornament shaped like a puzzle piece.

The unique shape represents how a new marriage brings together two people that were meant to fit together. It will also stand out on the tree, including a gold string and eco-friendly bamboo wood. This offers a fitting, vintage look for the season. This ornament can be laser engraved with the year and any names you like.

If you’re celebrating Christmas with any expecting parents, consider our adorable avocado bamboo ornament. It features two avocados that are waiting for their own newborn, presented with a cute and friendly art design.

Children will undoubtedly be the highlight of any burgeoning family. Our ornament will be a charming way to represent this addition to the family, commemorating it with the expected delivery date. This is also ideal for any baby shower that will be hosted around the holidays.

If they already have a newborn, we also offer a onesie wood ornament that can include all of the baby’s essential details. Shaped like a newborn’s onesie, it’s both universal and sweet.

We also have a teacher’s pencil ornament, for any of the teachers in your life. Whether they’re a friend, family member, or your child’s teacher, they definitely deserve a gift this holiday season.

This gesture will help remind good teachers what an impact all of their efforts can have. They each help to shape the future, so they have certainly earned a considerate gift. Our ornament can be customized with their name and the year.

Moving is undoubtedly one of the greatest stresses in life, due to high costs and overwhelming responsibilities. But a new home can also be very rewarding. Congratulate your friends, loved ones, or co-workers on completing their big move with our new home ornament. This ornament includes the combined shapes of a house and key.

Measuring just 1.75" by 3.75", this will fit snugly on the tree between other ornaments. And if the recipient’s new home is rural, you may also consider our similar family barn ornament.

For a particularly classy gift, consider our santa door hanger. This custom sign boasts a high level of laser engraved detail and a rustic art style. It is undoubtedly one of our most elaborate signs, with a distinguishable, cheerful face and compelling shadows.

Like many of our other bamboo signs, it’s built from eco-friendly wood. It hangs from twine, and measures 17.875" x 18.5", so it’s certainly large enough to make a bold welcome. But it also looks nice indoors, if you still want to hang your wreath outside.

Another vintage gift is our hanging sleigh rides and hot cocoa sign, which is less complex but sparkles with novelty. The laser engraved phrase references two of the most iconic Christmas customs.

This sign has a decidedly playful mood, which brings a little North Pole to any home. The art design and nod to older prices makes it feel like a chic time capsule.

The holidays can sometimes feel like a messy time of year, with colder weather and lots of responsibilities. But they’re also a time to celebrate each other, lift spirits, and discover new joys. Whatever tradition you and yours plan to recognize this year, even one small gift can express your sincere appreciation.