Heat up the Grill for National Burger Day and Spring BBQs

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Anthony Fertino
Published on
May 22, 2023 at 9:47:16 AM PDT May 22, 2023 at 9:47:16 AM PDTnd, May 22, 2023 at 9:47:16 AM PDT

National Burger Day arrives on May 28th, celebrating the classic meal and late spring BBQs. It may be a lighthearted holiday, but burgers are an undeniably large piece of Americana. Restaurants observe the day with deals, while everyday people can fire up their own homestyle recipes on backyard grills. With beef or impossible patties, and endless toppings, there’s a burger for everyone to get into the spirit.

Cook up homemade burgers with our personalized kitchenware

National Burger Day arrives just a couple of weeks before the traditional summer season of barbecues. Firing up the grill a little early will help you beat the heat, allowing you to cook longer and more comfortably. Whatever your grilling secret is, we’ve got you covered with our 5-in-1 BBQ tool grill set.

This convenient set ensures that you can concentrate on the patties without juggling a handful of different tools. You can even have your own message and artwork laser engraved. That way, you can buy the tool set as a present, or add a year to commemorate any occasion.

However, getting the patty just right is only the beginning. Sure, your burger buns are probably going to be pre-made. But our custom cutting boards are reliable tools for chopping up lettuce and other key toppings that complement your perfect patty.

Burger toppings often involve ingredients that need to be fresh every time, like tomatoes and pickles. So, it can be worth investing in a couple of cutting boards. Our boards are built from eco-friendly bamboo, and they can also be personalized with a message.

Prepare for the big get-together with special décor and drinks

Not everyone plans on cooking their own burgers. Some prefer to order in thanks to a tasty sale from their local burger joints, or the comfort of fast food. No matter how you’re celebrating National Burger Day, you can make it an occasion with our decorative slate cutting board.

The black slate insert can be removed for any orientation. So, it can point upright if you want to hang the board from its handle. The wood and slate design can pair well with your firewood and grill. The slate can even be laser engraved with references to National Burger Day, BBQs, your family or the neighborhood.

If you don’t feel like setting the scene, every burger deserves a good drink to wash things down. Besides, the end of spring is already warming up, and you’ll likely need something cold on the side. Consider our stainless steel bottle opener for soda and beer alike.

These flat bottle openers are durable, and they’re customizable with full color ink. Although our grill tool comes with an opener, it’s also a specialty tool and more expensive. Our custom bottle openers are ideal gifts for multiple guests. Also, beer tends to be a social drink that isn’t just reserved for eating. They’ll be able to enjoy the openers well after National Burger Day.

Our custom beer pilsner is the perfect way to keep beer cool throughout the cookout. This double-wall vacuum insulated tumbler will let guests drink when they want to.

The base will also fit in standard cup holders, so drinks can be enjoyed on the way home, too. And because BBQs can be a big occasion for families and friends, the lid is helpful to avoid spills.

National Burger Day is probably observed by restaurants more than everyday people. But it does add some warmth and easygoing fun to the Memorial Day weekend, which is also known for its barbecues. If you already have people over for the weekend, National Burger Day is another way to enjoy each other’s company. Burgers are also flexible and easy meals, sure to please everyone.