International Day of Friendship July 30

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Kyle Sherman
Published on
July 23, 2021 at 8:00:00 AM PDT July 23, 2021 at 8:00:00 AM PDTrd, July 23, 2021 at 8:00:00 AM PDT

Get ready for a group hug.

Thursday, July 30 is the International Day of Friendship, which recognizes the importance of friendship as a noble and valuable relationship in the lives of human beings around the world. Proclaimed in 2011 by the United Nations General Assembly, the occasion supports the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and each other not only inspires peace, it builds bridges between unlikely allies.

Reach Out July 30

Show your friends how much they mean with our customizable plaques and gifts. Choose from a variety of materials and styles, and personalize with a friend’s name, quotes, dedications or a favorite photograph. Then give them to your friends on the International Day of Friendship and live in the moment of camaraderie and compassion.

What Happens When We Live in the Moment?

According to Psychology Today, when we live in the moment, we are actively open, with the intention of focusing on the present, where life unfolds. We are mindful of being with our thoughts and deeds exactly as they are without judging them. When we live in the moment, we awaken to experience our lives – something we can all use in this age of distraction that we live in today. More importantly perhaps, we allow our hearts to be more accepting and less defensive, which results in more satisfying relationships.

Learn to Practice Mindfulness

It’s why Thoreau went to Walden Pond; it’s the subject of Emerson’s essays and Whitman’s poems; it’s essential to yoga practice; it’s at the root of Buddhism, Taoism and many Native American traditions. Yet how do we do it? Here are a few thoughts to ponder in the moment:

● Unselfconscious – Letting go of what you want is the only way to get it. Thinking too hard about what you’re doing actually makes you do worse. Just let it go.

● Savor – To avoid worrying about the future, forget the past and focus on the present.

● Find Flow – Make the most of time by losing track of it.

● Accept – If something is bothering you, start with accepting it. Resisting only magnifies the pain. Acceptance relieves needless suffering.

● Engage – Avoid acting on mindless autopilot with the mindful habit of always noticing new things.

● Just Breathe – Mindfulness actually inoculates people against aggressive impulses, increases self-control and squashes the ego. So inhabit the present and watch your interpersonal life flourish.