Need to Get Away? You’re Probably Right!

Written by
Kyle Sherman
Published on
November 24, 2021 at 8:00:00 AM PST November 24, 2021 at 8:00:00 AM PSTth, November 24, 2021 at 8:00:00 AM PST

Scientific research and medical inquiry agree. We humans are healthier and feel better when we take a break.

What do you need to restore your well-being? A trip to the beach, the mountains, the desert or the plains? Kick boxing, yoga, a wine tasting or a good book? Researchers say it’s important to indulge in your favorite leisure activities to relieve stress, benefit your health and enjoy life more.

Quest for Meaning

It’s not just baby boomers who are looking to find more meaning in their lives. Anyone who is enjoying their time on Earth tends to find more satisfaction in it – as well as lower blood pressure, lower stress hormones and smaller waistlines. The effects that time away has on stress, recovery and work motivation are a better mood, a higher level of energy and more life satisfaction. The trick is to keep these benefits vibrant and strong long after vacation is gone.

Use That Vacation Time!

We’re getting ahead of ourselves, though. The fact is, many of us aren’t taking time off, even if we get paid for it. Forty percent of us! Which seems like such a waste. So why should we take our vacations?

A Relaxed Brain is a Working Brain – especially when you’re asleep (something else we tend to leave out of our lives). Giving the brain time to process the new info you’ve learned helps to make the learning easier and more complete.

Your Body Knows When It’s Time – especially when it needs to build energy for more. You’ll come back recovered, renewed and ready.

Day Dreaming Solves Problems – especially if you’re looking for creative solutions. Downtime gives you space to fill in with “what if’s” and insight.

Frequent Breaks Make Happier People – especially when it happens every single week. Personal time is what weekends are for, even if all you do is rest, relax and read a book. It could also help get you your next raise. Research suggests for each additional 10 hours that an employee takes for vacation, their performance review is 8% higher the next year.

Experiencing New Things Promotes Gratitude – especially if you travel, immerse yourself in new cultures and try new cuisines. While you’re generating new ideas, you’re also grateful for what you already have in your life. And that’s always a reason to stop and smell the roses!

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