Oscar Night

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Kyle Sherman
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February 20, 2022 at 8:00:00 AM PST February 20, 2022 at 8:00:00 AM PSTth, February 20, 2022 at 8:00:00 AM PST

One of television’s greatest annual events happens on March 27, along with super-sized fanfare, viewing parties … and party favors.

Live coverage of the 94th Academy Awards presentation at the Hollywood & Highland Center Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles begins at 10:03 am eastern/7:03 am pacific. For Oscar guests, the partying starts after the ceremony (or after a win, whichever comes first), and for the fans eagerly awaiting this star-studded Hollywood extravaganza – the actual event is the party.

Hottest Ticket of the Season

Among the many awards ceremonies honoring film and entertainment, the Oscars are perhaps the most coveted. Fans watch the awards to see what the actors and actresses are wearing as much as to find out firsthand who wins – not to mention the host’s opening act, performances of Best Song nominations, acceptance speeches and the unexpected that only live events deliver. Yes, there are always the water-cooler discussions the next day, although there’s nothing quite like being there watching for those!

Oscar Party Wow

More and more people are gathering friends and loved ones for Oscar parties complete with spectacular food and drink, elegant attire and a front row seat to the show in a glammed-up home. What could be more fun that staging Oscar predictions and picking your own winners? If you’re the Oscar Party host (or want to be one), here are nine tricks courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens.

1. Create an Oscar-Worthy Setting – Lighting is key. Use candles, glitter, LED string lights – anything that will render your guests star-struck when they open your front door. This year, the color scheme for the evening seems to be black and gold – set out fresh flowers, get out your best china, crystal glasses and elegant table cloths for that swanky look.

2. Hollywood Walk of Fame – Place large glitter-paper stars on the floor or in a hallway, creating your own walk of fame right to the best seats in the house.

3. Tuxedo Tie Napkins – Elegance that’s so easy. Fold a square black cocktail napkin into thirds, then scrunch the middle together. Tie a small piece of black fabric or twist tie around the middle of the napkin, and voilá -your table is in party mode.

4. Red Carpet Refreshments – Start the party an hour or two before the show, so you can watch the red carpet rock. Have champagne on hand – or even a signature cocktail made with edible glitter, for a paparazzi-approved look.

5. 5-Star Appetizers – Simple party hors d’oeuvres usually get the best ratings, especially when they’re topped with star-studded garnishes and fancy toothpicks.

6. Serve Popcorn in Boxes – The star of all movie snacks will be munched all evening long when it’s served in those festive iconic boxes.

7. Oscar Night Party Games – Entertain guests with an Oscar trivia quiz or a performance of favorite movie quotes: “My mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my sister thanks you, and I thank you.” Which character in which movie?*

8. And the Oscar Goes To… – Have your party guests make award predictions before the show begins using gold-dipped pencils! Isn’t that chic?

9. Swanky Swag Bags – Guests get the celeb treatment with a bag full of Oscar night swag such as chocolate stars, mini bottles of liqueur, red lipstick. Look for bags at your local crafts stores, then stamp away.

10. Create Custom Award Trophies at PlaqueMakerNumber 10 is ours alone! What fun is an outstanding performance if you don’t get a trophy for it? Recognize your Oscar Night Party Game winners with a personalized award that includes the award category, one free logo, photo or clip art – even the winner’s name. Better yet, you can send all your guests home with a trophy, just for attending your Oscar Night bash!

*George M. Cohan, played by James Cagney, in Yankee Doodle Dandy, 1942.