Recognize a good leader with practical gifts for Boss’s Day

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Anthony Fertino
Published on
October 10, 2022 at 9:12:02 AM PDT October 10, 2022 at 9:12:02 AM PDTth, October 10, 2022 at 9:12:02 AM PDT

The history of Boss’s Day is rooted in a family workplace, but it’s important to celebrate all strong leaders in the office, and practical gifts are often ideal. An effective boss with genuine leadership skills can make the workday much easier. They can improve your own abilities, and foster a healthy office environment. Whether you want to impress or recognize your boss, we’ll help you find the right balance between formal, creative and useful gifts.

Spruce up the desk with a crisp Name Plate, Paperweight, or Classy Clock

In most offices, bosses and employees alike will spend the majority of their time behind a desk. If the boss has been running your workplace for some time, they could probably use a new name plate. If they are new to your office, they may not own a company name plate yet. Either way, our custom desk name plates will be an appropriate fit for any duration of time.

These nameplates can be personalized with the company logo, as well as the boss’s name and title. They’re likely to see this gift every day, and name plates generate a professional, authoritative mood. So, it will also impress any future guests to their office, reinforcing good business.

You’ll be able to select from a variety of materials, including silver, gold, or white aluminum. You can even upgrade to a solid metal, such as black metal with gold, blue marble metal, brass, titanium and more. This will allow you to fit any existing interior design the boss prefers.

Paperweights make practical gifts that won’t take up too much room on their desk. This can help if the boss’s desk is already looking a little busy. Our engraved custom paperweights can help your boss organize their latest paperwork, including contracts, reports and other troublesome piles.

These crystal paperweights are available in 4x3” jade glass or 5x7” clear glass, to suit any office setting. These can also be customized to include your company’s logo, as well as a personal message, such as the company motto. If applicable, you might be able to add a friendly inside joke.

If you need another space-saver that’s a little more formal, one of our personalized desk clocks will keep their desk classy. This quartz clock comes with a subtle and appealing gold bezel edge.

All of your personalization can be directly frosted into the glass, but you can also add on a metal plate for easier viewing. The rosewood base should be complementary for most desk colors. The rosy shade can add some warmth without drawing too much attention.

For a more economic alternative, you can try our personalized portrait clocks instead. Although the design of their body is thicker, they boast equal quality and similar features.

Consider drinkware and accessories for practical gifts to take home

If the boss’s office is already a bit too full, you can also offer them practical gifts that won’t be limited to the workplace. For an office that isn’t too serious, you should consider our custom mug gift. It includes a universal joke about complicating tasks and emails.

This ceramic bistro mug is microwave safe, but hand wash only. However, more importantly, you can set the handle on the left or right of the message. This will accommodate both left-handed and right-handed bosses.

For something more formal, our custom coffee tumbler is something they can take on the go. It’s also available in 16 different colors, to match the company or their personal taste.

If you know that your boss sometimes enjoys winding down with a cool drink, you might consider some gifts for wine and alcohol.

Wine is always considered a fancy treat, with rich flavors and an experience that demands unique glassware. This kind of hobby deserves an equally fine set of accompaniment. Our personalized rosewood wine set provides an elegant case, with a variety of tools for all occasions.

This wine set comes with a foil cutter, decanting pourer, bottle opener and more. The rosewood box can create synergy with our other products, to build an even larger present. You can choose between gold, silver, and white metal for the customizable metal plate.

For something a little more edgy than fine, consider our custom metal flask. It comes with a gorgeous presentation box for everything in the set, which includes four shot glasses and a funnel.

The leather wrapping on this stainless steel flask creates a very different attitude. This attitude may line up with an employer who prefers hard drinks. The leather can be laser engraved with personalized art and text, and the presentation gift box is tidy and black. So, this present will successfully blend the line between ordinary tastes and a thoughtful tone.

Similarly, a smaller and less expensive option would be our custom bottle opener. This handy little tool would be perfect for everyday bottles. However, it also includes light brown faux leather, which dresses it up for the occasion and will still feel considerate.

Lastly, give them something to sign crucial forms and deals with, by gifting our engraved pen set. This set combines an elegant bamboo case with a personalized bamboo wood pen, both crafted from eco-friendly wood.

The case measures 6.75 x 2”, and the pen measures 5.375”, so both components can be comfortably stored and used.

The organic texture will look tidy and professional, especially compared to a traditional ball point pen. You can choose to have either the case or pen laser engraved with a personal message. However, you can freely upgrade to have both items laser engraved with your message, making sure they will match.

Employers have widely collected a rough reputation. But those who stand out deserve to be rewarded, for creating a workplace that’s successful and respectful. After all, the higher level of responsibility isn’t easy to manage. Building trust between employer and employee can be as simple as one thoughtful gesture on Boss’s Day.