Support your office team on Administrative Professionals Day

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Anthony Fertino
Published on
April 20, 2023 at 11:16:16 AM PDT April 20, 2023 at 11:16:16 AM PDTth, April 20, 2023 at 11:16:16 AM PDT

Administrative Professionals Day is celebrated on the last Wednesday of April, rewarding assistants and other office workers. These employees provide the backbone support of any workplace, keeping up with all pacing and standards.

That kind of effort deserves to have support in return. A proper exchange of support and encouragement will really make the office thrive, too. Consider our formal and casual gifts alike to reward these hard-working professionals.

Name Plates and Awards are simple but classy additions to any desk

A little acknowledgement goes a long way. Reminding people that their work has genuine value creates a better sense of camaraderie. Desk décor can be appreciated every day as one of those reminders, inspiring workers to keep up their efforts and improve.

Desk awards serve as formal and effective recognition for a deserving employee. Our engraved glass awards are available in creative shapes and allow personal messages. This way, the award feels genuine, and not so conventional. Consider the crystal prism award, which features a unique diamond and faceted design.

We also offer a variety of custom desk name plates. Our engraved glass name plate boasts an all-purpose design for any kind of business.

The clear glass is a neutral, sleek and stylish fit for any interior design. Its transparency will also ensure the name plate isn’t disruptive, so the desk never feels cluttered.

For an alternative that isn’t so traditional, our granite name plate is both versatile and novel. Its black granite and natural flecks offer a handmade appeal rather than something too modern. Similarly, our light brown faux leather name plate has a rugged look for textile businesses and the like.

For something that can involve the entire office, perpetual plaques are a lasting investment. These award plaques don’t need to be updated as frequently. Also, many types of business must take quarterly results into account. So, consider our employee of the quarter perpetual plaque.

This plaque award is also highly flexible. There are over a dozen boards to choose from, and you can upgrade the mounting to an easel for desk and counter displays.

Find the perfect Mug and other casual gifts for longtime employees or co-workers

A personal gift may be more appropriate for co-workers, or if you’ve known the recipient for a while. These are allowed to be a little more playful, perhaps with inside jokes and office humor. If the workplace isn’t so formal to begin with, casual gifts on Administrative Professionals Day could also be helpful icebreakers.

Our custom gifts will allow you to add personalized names, messages, and art. For a business joke everyone can relate to, our custom mug makes light of exhausting meetings.

This laser engraved mug can be customized with a handle for both right and left-handed people. So can our custom travel mug, which is ideal if your colleague begins every day with coffee. The stainless steel design is durable, practical, and the body is available in six different colors.

Since this custom mug incorporates a unique laser fused engraving, hand wash is recommended.

Administrative Professionals Day may seem relatively stuffy for some. But it shouldn’t be overlooked or underappreciated any more than the professionals themselves. Exceptional work should earn a kind gesture any time of year.