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Set up a Fundraising Program Using Personalized Bricks

Fundraising with engraved bricks is a very popular way to raise funds for your cause because you’ll be so proud of the result that you can’t wait to show it off to your supporters.

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Custom Wall of Fame Plaques & Bricks

Today’s common meaning of “fame” is “celebrity,” although its original meaning is “renown.” And even today, a wall of fame harkens back to honoring individuals of great renown who, throughout their lives or careers, have exemplified greatness and glory.

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8 Personalized Brick Fundraising Ideas to Build On

Personalized bricks are nothing new to the fundraising world, yet we often forget the significance of engraving a person’s name on them. To a donor, they are tributes to loved ones or important events like anniversaries and achievements. A custom brick project provides a positive way to remember a person or occasion. It allows you to support a local charity while giving back to the community.

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