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Where are the Keys?

So for many of us, the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer include time off from busy work schedules, as well as packing up the car or RV with assorted accoutrements for a road trip, vacation or travel with no particular plans.

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Corporate Gift Buying Checklist - Giving & Receiving

Your company has had a great year. Celebrate it! Here’s another installment of our Corporate Gift Buying Checklist, and we’re here to encourage you to show your clients and your employees how much you value and appreciate them with custom gifts this holiday season.

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6 Personalized Gift Ideas

In a world where people are increasingly realizing the burden of having too much stuff, it’s more important than ever to put thought and care into choosing gifts. While friends and family can go out and inexpensively buy food, clothes, toys, etc., anytime they want, they can’t always get a unique and thoughtful gift.

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