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Gear up for Summer heat, fresh gardens, weddings and more!

Summer signals many fun activities, from planting fresh gardens to visiting the beach, and they all share the summer heat. It marks a popular time for marriage, as well as the end of school. The season invites everyone outdoors, inspiring a sense of rejuvenation and encouraging new adventures. Summer’s right around the corner, arriving on June 21st this year. We’ll make sure you’re prepared for any outing, however rousing or relaxing.

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Celebrate Spouse’s Day together with Sincere, Romantic Gifts

National Spouse’s Day is a largely overlooked chance for partners to sweeten things up with romantic gifts. If you aren’t familiar, the Spouse’s Day is observed on January 26th.

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Planning a Wedding Part 3 – Personalized Bridal Party Gifts

Do you know? In the United State alone, 17 tons of gold is made into wedding rings each year. They may be adorned with jewels to symbolize everything from marital bliss (sapphires), wedded harmony (aquamarines) and fashionable chic (diamonds, first made popular in the 15th century by the wealthy Venetians) to eternity (circle rings of Victorian England, coiled snakes with ruby eyes). Each of these rings is given by the groom to the bride and vice versa, as a token of their love and affection and a symbol of their special bond. Husbands and wives wear wedding and engagement rings on the fourth finger of their left hands because the world once thought a vein in that finger led directly to the heart (pitter pat).

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Planning a Wedding Part 2 – Customized Décor & Signs

Full of possibilities. They say if a bride runs into a blind man, a doctor, a policeman or a frog; a black cat, a dove, a lamb or a clergyman; sunshine or a rainbow on her way to the ceremony –good luck is sure to follow. For a groom, it is lucky to run into a pigeon, a wolf or a goat on his way to the big day.

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Planning a Wedding Part 1 – Personalized Favors

Even though old English folklore proclaims Saturday as the unluckiest day to marry, an estimated 7,000 American couples marry every Saturday of the year –making it the most popular day to tie the knot!

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Custom Gifts for Weddings

Whether it’s for the happy couple, the bridal party or the wedding guests, custom gifts make unique and cherished favors and keepsakes.

Choose from full-color printed plaques or a variety of laser-engraved plaque styles. We also have Easy Design styles that are just as personal, yet fast and easy to order.

Gifts can be personalized with names, monograms, dates, quotes, scripture and dedications, as well as a photo or art such as wedding clip art.

Crystal picture frame plaques are very popular – a gold or silver plastic frame holds a photo, or choose to the image engraved directly on the glass. Includes a black metal base for freestanding display.

Customizable Wedding Guest Book Signs are a perfect gift for the bride and the groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, parents, relatives and friends. Display sign during the wedding and have each guest sign it for a truly unique decoration that will memorialize everyone who came to celebrate love.

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Big Big Love for Your Bridal Party

If you’re wondering whether to give gifts to your bridal party, wonder no more. The answer is an enthusiastic yes! The members of your bridal party are likely your closest pals – the people you love and trust to help everything go perfectly on your big day. Gifts are a thoughtful way to thank them.

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