Decorate, Plant and Harvest on National Gardening Day!

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Anthony Fertino
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April 7, 2023 at 12:09:55 PM PDT April 7, 2023 at 12:09:55 PM PDTth, April 7, 2023 at 12:09:55 PM PDT

National Gardening Day, celebrated on April 14th, is a great opportunity to plant and harvest everything from flowers to peppers. Gardening is a peaceful hobby that promotes patience, growth, a strong work ethic and endless possibilities.

Community gardens add beauty to the neighborhood, and home gardens can provide fresh ingredients for dinner. We’ve got the perfect products for you to get in the gardening spirit this spring.

Organize your school, public and home gardens with custom signs and tags

Gardens add comfort, charm, and dignity to any setting. That’s why they’re popular for both public grounds and front lawns. They’re a common campus feature from kindergartens to colleges, sometimes including school colors. At home, everyday people show off their personality with the flowers, fruit, and other greens they select.

In order to prevent trespassing and keep everything tidy, it will be ideal to invest in our custom garden signs.

Our garden signs are available in 21 different colors, making them very flexible organization tools. They will also agree with the house or porch design.

Personalized garden signs can be used to designate where different groups of seeds were planted this year. You can also add key details about their different needs, such as watering or feeding schedules.

Similarly, consider using our custom plastic labels to plan ahead and sort things out. They boast just as many colors, but they’re smaller and usable indoors.

Engraved plastic labels would be suitable for home gardens in particular. You can adorn different sections of your gardening shelves to keep track of unique pots and gardening tools. Smaller additions like that are another fine way to round out your spring cleaning, too.

Celebrate fresh gardens with new decor and gifts

Many times, gardens can take on special meaning for people. A loved one may have tended the garden, or you may have proposed in the garden. There could even be individual plants that were gifts from friends and family for birthdays or new homes.

You can memorialize any sweet memories with our granite flower planter. It has natural textures that will blend well in any garden, but it can also be used indoors.

Memorials of any kind deserve something dignified, and this custom planter is always a classy addition. You can also have it laser engraved with any personal message, including names and important dates.

Gardens are popularly used for cooking, growing a consistent supply of various herbs, vegetables and more. So, consider our custom cutting board as a gift for loved ones or yourself.

Harvesting your garden for ingredients is tremendously rewarding. It’s a well-earned prize that tastes fresh compared to the market. Our cutting board features eco-friendly wood for you to easily chop all of your new greens in style.

If you’d prefer a gift for the garden itself, our hanging slate sign is a great way to bring the spirit of the outdoors inside.

The slate and rope materials mean that this sign should only be used indoors. But these features can also make gardens in the home or office feel more natural. Its coarse and neutral appearance has a rugged, handcrafted touch. But the text can also be color printed for a brighter effect, instead of a laser engraved message.

Gardening sometimes gets a reputation as a hobby reserved for older folk. But gardens are filled with discovery and life, which is accessible to everyone. Gardening is a meditative experience that makes any home look gorgeous and freshens up the kitchen. It’s also unique, requiring special attention and tools for various plants. National Gardening Day may be new, but it’s certainly worthwhile.