Get Ready for School with Tidy Teachers and Classroom Fun

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Anthony Fertino
Published on
July 19, 2022 at 10:24:31 AM PDT July 19, 2022 at 10:24:31 AM PDTth, July 19, 2022 at 10:24:31 AM PDT

The first day of class can easily become overwhelming, but getting ready for school with the right supplies and some creativity can make the classroom fun for teachers and students alike. The first day can be scary for kids, or frustrating for your first teaching position. Fortunately, there are plenty of smart ways to organize, celebrate and remember the new school year.

Keep cubbies and desks safe from mix-ups using our custom plastic labels

Younger students can sometimes lose track of their corresponding desks or cubbies, resulting in lost or jumbled belongings. After all, kids need a lot of supplies to get ready for school, including various basics like pencils or books.

More importantly, essentials like lunches could potentially end up missing or scrambled. You can avoid the mess by labeling chairs and cubbies with our customizable labels.

Our UV stable plastic is durable enough to survive if kids try to play with the tags, or even remove them. If you’re concerned, you can upgrade the mounting from double-sided tape to holes with screws. This will keep the tags flush and secure with any surface.

You can purchase tags up to 4 x 2", which should be an appropriate fit for any cubby or desk size. They’re also available in multiple shapes, including rounded corners that will be safe for first-time students.

Labels can also be effective for organizing supplies that students can borrow for classroom fun. This way, younger kids will successfully put coloring pencils or paint brushes back where they found them.

You can choose from 21 different colors, allowing you to color-code anything as needed. It can sometimes be easier for kids to identify with colors.

Our Customizable Signs will add Personality and Safety to your New Classroom

Spruce up the campus with a variety of our custom metal signs, to let students know where to locate the teacher’s office and more.

A brand-new school can feel intimidating. Especially for kids who will begin attending more than one classroom every day. Navigation signs will guide students to crucial offices for the nurse, principal or teacher. If younger kids end up lost, they’ll know what areas are off-limits, and where they can ask for help.

If your school campus has a garden, you should consider our custom garden signs. These signs could protect gardens from accidents, or maybe some “overzealous curiosity”. Gardens can also offer classroom fun for everyone with planting or identification activities.

Teachers can design their own welcome signs with our customizable bamboo signs. This is a clever way to show off their own personalities to new students.

You could also add some school spirit or patriotism. An image of the school mascot or motto will help the campus feel more like a family than a chore.

Even better, teachers could have the entire class design their own sign together. Then, we can turn your icebreaker activity into a real sign that will bond the kids all year! Our aluminum signs print in full color, and we offer sizes up to 24 x 12 inches.

Make the First Day tidy and remember it forever with our custom Plaques and Frames

Teachers will require many essentials for the office, and one of the most important things to consider is probably coffee. Kids have a lot of energy, and it’ll take some effort to keep up. Our custom tumblers and travel mugs will get teachers and staff ready for school with a variety of sizes and any design you want.

If you have a lot to carry with you, you might want to consider our smaller 20 Oz. tumblers. You can choose from 16 different colors, and the stainless steel design can withstand drops if you’re in a hurry.

If you’re new to the school, you should consider our name plates. Adoring your desk with a fresh name plate will reinforce your authority, pride, and professionalism.

Choose from a variety of materials and shapes, ranging from glass rectangles to walnut wedges. They start at just $21, helping you save for the school year.

Our name plates are available in sizes between 8 x 2” and 12 x 2”. However, our wedges usually have a maximum of 10 x 2”.

Teachers and staff might also need one of our certificate kits for the office to display your diploma. You deserve to celebrate your hard work, and it helps establish the proper atmosphere for your students and fellow staff.

Our certificate kits combine clear plexiglass protection with a board backing of your choice. You can select from six different boards, including a marble option. The plexiglass is fastened to the board with four gold tacks.

The kits are available in sizes between 5 x 7” to 12 x 15”, which should be convenient for any diploma or award.

Teachers can also use our custom full color printed plaques to list the classroom rules. Your students will clearly understand your personal preferences, and have a reference point all year.

Both staff and parents alike can treasure the first day of school with our eco-friendly bamboo picture frames. These will be a gorgeous keepsake, and teachers can even put together a class photo for the classroom.

These frames are available in portrait or landscape, and you can add your own customizable text to the frame too.

The first day of school only happens once, and it can be a frantic time for staff and families alike. But if you prepare correctly, it’ll be a safe and fun experience that everyone wants to remember.