Get spooky for Halloween with Pumpkin, Gifts, and Costumes

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Anthony Fertino
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October 12, 2022 at 12:00:29 PM PDT October 12, 2022 at 12:00:29 PM PDTth, October 12, 2022 at 12:00:29 PM PDT

The scariest time of year is here, so dig up your gifts and costumes, and make the most of pumpkin season for Halloween. It’s a holiday that encourages families and kids to get creative, mischievous, and loaded up on candy. But there’s something for everyone, between ripe pumpkins, hayrides, and costume contests. We’ll help you find fresh ways to celebrate, from themed gifts to activity supplies.

Carve out new ways to celebrate pumpkins with pans, signs and more

Pumpkin spice is a staple of the fall season. The tradition is similar to drinking eggnog in December, though more family-friendly and sweet. And even without the signature spice, coffee is an invaluable daily routine for most.

So, our custom pumpkin-faced coffee tumbler makes an ideal and practical Halloween gift for family and friends that love any coffee flavor. The timeless design makes it a Jack O’ Lantern in a cup.

Our coffee tumbler can be customized with any name. It’s also a great way to indulge yourself, or perhaps show your Halloween spirit at work, where coffee often fuels the morning. If the kids are full of sugar as they gradually scarf down their Trick or Treating loot, a good kick of adrenaline could be downright indispensable.

You can also enjoy all of the warmth and flavor of pumpkin spice without having to glug coffee. Our custom jar candle offers a pumpkin spice scent that will let you enjoy the seasonal treat much longer than a single mug.

The lid can be personalized with any laser engraved message or art. This could be a broader gift for the season, and it’s often suited for family members. The candle could also be used as a more romantic gift for October anniversaries, since the season is generally limited in that regard, and a Jack O’ Lantern would hardly do.

If you need to find a Halloween gift for coffee-lovers who already have plenty of pumpkins and spice around, our Witch’s Brew coffee mug or coffee tumbler are cute alternatives, and a little more subtle.

You can also consider our eco-friendly, bamboo custom coasters. These can be personalized with any kind of art, including your own pumpkin designs.

The coasters won’t take up much room, they can be used with existing mugs, and the bamboo material will fit the organic theme of fall. You’ll receive four coasters in total, which come with a bamboo storage caddy, turning it into a more elegant or formal gift.

Fresh pumpkins are ready for harvest this time of year, and markets of all sizes have begun to prioritize them. Although pumpkins tend to be reserved for creative carving, they can be used for much more than home décor. If you’d like to transform a fresh pumpkin into a tasty dessert, consider using our personalized 9" Aluminum Pie Pan.

Pumpkin pie is often a tradition reserved for Thanksgiving. But it’s still a classic and flexible dish, which invites lots of sweetness via piles of whipped cream. It may not be as complicated as other pies, and it could make a fun family activity, especially for those who already love to cook. Also, pumpkin pie would certainly use up any ripe pumpkins on hand.

If you happen to have some homegrown pumpkins of your own, you might need some of our personalized garden signs. This is a smart way to ensure that no one takes advantage of your crop or garden during a season full of tricks and mischief, which already tends to target Jack O’ Lanterns.

Available in 5 different solid metals, including stainless steel or copper, our garden markers will easily distinguish certain areas. This can help you organize the purpose of different pumpkins between decorating, eating, or even selling.

Engage with the community through classic Halloween activities and contests

Connecting with your community always takes some extra effort, but it can be very rewarding, especially for the local kids around Halloween.

Many enthusiasts across the country set up their own haunted house experience. Sometimes, hosts will construct an entirely new area to prepare with creepy decorations, or work something out of their garage.

If you plan on going the extra mile this year, our laser engraved custom plastic signs would make a convenient addition to your design. Outdoor signs will help you list any rules, and guide your visitors, to make sure the haunted house works as intended.

We offer these engraved signs in 21 different colors, and you can add any personalized message or artwork. This freedom will make it easy to create any kind of thematic synergy. You might add some of our custom engraved tags if you’ve invited neighbors to volunteer. This way, visiting parents and kids can quickly recognize who to ask for help.

Outdoor signs would also be assets for hosting a haunted hayride. They will mark a clear path to prevent vehicular accidents, and can also be used in the décor. Hayrides are generally more of a regional tradition, but they’re also friendly for all ages, and they may not take quite as much work to put together.

Easiest of all, you might consider leaving out a creative sign on the porch, above your bowl of candy. It’s a quick and artsy way to tell kids how much candy they’re allowed to take, and wish them a happy Halloween, even when you can’t come to the door.

But costumes are often a highlight for Halloween, when kids, teenagers, and even their parents enjoy dressing up for the night to let out their spooky side. Commercial costumes let everyone show off their fandom, while homemade costumes show off their ingenuity and creativity.

If you plan on getting the neighborhood together for a friendly costume contest, you can purchase a few of our bamboo custom wood plaques, to award winners or participants of all ages.

These plaque awards are crafted from solid bamboo, and the laser engraved messages or text can be filled with charcoal instead of traditional color printing. The natural look and charcoal depth will definitely fit the season. But, you can customize it to suit any theme.

And if you’re looking for a very economic route, perhaps to invest in multiple awards, our custom sublimated plaques are a great, affordable option.

These plaque awards are also a great fit for other seasonal competitions, such as Jack O’ Lantern carving or bobbing for apples. You could also incorporate pumpkin pie eating, or a cook-off. There are plenty of kids’ games to choose from for Halloween parties, too.

Treasure new Halloween gifts and costumes year-round with our picture frames

Every year is a new opportunity to treasure some family Halloween photos, such as your kids’ latest costumes or carved pumpkins. But these memories can be especially important if it’s their first Halloween.

Sharing everything on social media doesn’t quite have the same heartwarming effect, and those posts are fleeting. So, make a classy new keepsake with our laser engraved custom bamboo picture frames.

These frames are made from renewable bamboo, so you can feel certain about an eco-friendly purchase. With a built-in easel, you can display the fun of Halloween all year. Or, they can be the cornerstone of your plans to redecorate for the season, alongside fake spiderwebs, scarecrows or ghosts.

Halloween is filled with a variety of unique and old traditions. It can be equally family-friendly and edgy. Trick or Treating brings the community together, letting kids dress up in cute costumes and accumulate buckets of candy from friendly neighbors. But there are also pranks and horrifying movie marathons, among older crowds.

The holiday bundles scares, gifts and costumes together in compelling ways. Consequently, this invites all kinds of creativity, so finding new ways to prepare for Halloween is limited only by your imagination.