How Paperweights Can Make You More Productive

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Kyle Sherman
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September 6, 2021 at 8:00:00 AM PDT September 6, 2021 at 8:00:00 AM PDTth, September 6, 2021 at 8:00:00 AM PDT

If you think paperweights are passé in an increasingly paper-free world, think again.

Paperweights – yes, paperweights – help some of the world’s most successful people stay organized and efficient. They’re also a stylish way to adorn a tabletop, combining beauty with productivity.

Next time you’re near the desk of a world-famous celebrity or successful CEO, look closely for a paperweight. Britain’s royal family has dozens. Robert Guggenheim is a famous desktop paperweight aficionado with a large collection. Bill Clinton, Truman Capote, King Farouk of Egypt, Robin Leach and Eva Peron are all prominent collectors.

Enduring Appeal

Paperweights have timeless popularity because they embody the magic formula of form and function. While perching beautifully on a desktop, they also serve a purpose: organization.

People needed to stay organized long before smartphones and laptops. Some experts say as soon as the world discovers paper (in China, about 100 BC), the need for a paperweight follows – usually in the form of rocks or other naturally-found objects.

Man-made paperweights find widespread popularity at the Vienna Industrial Exposition in 1845. French glassmaker Pietro Bigaglia stuns the world with intriguing glass objects handcrafted with ancient techniques. To this day, French paperweights are some of the most sought-after among collectors.

While paperweights come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials, French and Italian glass paperweights are some of the most visually striking. The famous Christie’s auction house produces an entire collecting guide for glass paperweights, including fascinating up-close photos.

Modern collectors often seek out paperweights that are customized and meaningful. Personalized paperweights, crafted from crystal, marble and acrylic, can commemorate an important event or personal mission.

Pretty + Practical = Productive

How can paperweights give your productivity a boost? First, think about your workspace. Even the most pared-down desktop inevitably gathers paperwork like bills, tax forms, permission slips, letters and to-do lists. It can feel a bit chaotic.

According to Forbes magazine, the number one chaos-busting secret among successful entrepreneurs is called batching or collecting similar tasks into stacks. After stacking, it’s much easier to address your paperwork efficiently.

Paperweights help you batch your tasks and think about all the work in a clear, organized way. Bills go under one paperweight, tax info goes under another, kids’ school stuff under another. You get the picture. Suddenly, your workspace looks neat and inviting, conducive to getting thing done – and it is.

After everything is batched in stacks, choose one to three of the most important things to address each day. This is what Zen organizational expert Leo Babauta calls your “Big Rocks” – the major accomplishments you’ll make each day and week. Lift a paperweight, address a Big Rock and move on.

Motivate and Inspire in Style

Lifestyle expert Lindzi Shanks thinks the organizational tools you use in the office should be playful, fun and inspirational. She uses desktop paperweights not only to keep everything neat, but to bolster and spark creativity. When she sees a paperweight with a motivational quote, she feels inspired to keep working during low energy moments.

Do you have a favorite mood-boosting quote? Which kind of paperweight would bring beauty, organization and motivation to your desktop? What do you think of these ideas?

● A crystal paperweight with your family crest

● A star-shaped paperweight that makes you feel like a star

● A custom faceted paperweight that commemorates a special event

● A prism cube with your personal motto

● A jade circle with your favorite motivational quote

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