Custom Garden Signs offers a unique way to label your outdoor garden with our customizable garden signs. All of our garden signs are made for outdoor use and come in variety of materials including metal, wood, and plastic. You can choose between 4 x 2” or 6 x 4” signs. Label your plants with their common names, scientific name and family name. Alternatively, you can remember your loved ones by creating a memorial garden in their honor. Each sign can be personalized with unlimited text and one picture, logo or clipart. Have our graphic designers create a design for you, or use our design tools to create your own look. Select the material you would like below to start creating your order.

7 Products

Plastic Garden Markers
$22.00 to $26.00
Bamboo Garden Markers
$20.00 to $26.00
Bronze Garden Marker
$33.00 to $50.00
Titanium Garden Markers
$39.00 to $51.00
Copper Garden Markers
$33.00 to $50.00
Brass Garden Markers
$33.00 to $41.00