Engraved Plaques

Customize one of many engraved plaques for an employee of the month award, salesperson of the year or to celebrate a retiring employee. Select from various styles, material options and colors when you order an engraved plaque from PlaqueMaker.com.

102 Products

Granite Plaques
$42.00 to $975.00
Solid Cherry Wood Plaques
$33.00 to $810.00
Outdoor Perpetual Plaques
$53.00 to $620.00
Titanium Plaques
$71.00 to $450.00
Bronze Plaques
$65.00 to $385.00
Copper Plaques
$60.00 to $355.00
Brass Plaques
$60.00 to $355.00
Stainless Steel Plaques
$49.00 to $320.00