Custom Award Plaques and Personalized Engraved Plaques

Recognize achievements of employees, team members and leaders with personalized award plaques. Whether celebrating top performers with a custom award for employee of the month or honoring community service volunteers, a plaque is the perfect way to say thank you.

22 Products

Aluminum Plaques
$18.00 to $140.00
Laser-Engraved Metal Plaques
$27.00 to $201.00
Solid Cherry Wood Plaques
$35.00 to $846.00
Glass Plaques
$39.00 to $92.00
Bamboo Plaques
$42.00 to $116.00
Stainless Steel Plaques
$52.00 to $290.00
Full-Color Metal Shield Plaques
$40.00 to $64.00

The following sizes are out of stock: 7x9"

Brass Award Plaques
$68.00 to $322.00
Bronze Plaques
$71.00 to $362.00