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Don’t Lose Touch with the Ones You Love in the Time Of COVID-19

Published by: Alex, 4/16/2020 2:49 pm

These are trying times. We are living in a new normal in which we express love and devotion through isolation and staying away from those that we love. We cannot...

Kelleys Island Part of The Battle of Lake Erie History

Published by: Kyle Sherman, 2/10/2020 6:19 pm customer Steve Merkel recently shared a creation with us!

In September 2013, America commemorated The Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial with one of the largest celebrations in the Lake’s history.

Get inspired to make any day a celebration.

Published by: LauraBeth, 2/3/2020 11:08 am

Here are, we’re so inspired by all the creative ways to celebrate life’s great moments, we’re sharing these ideas with you, on our blog.

Ask PlaqueMaker – How to Order

Published by: LauraBeth, 1/31/2020 10:54 am

Customer (via Facebook): How do I order from PlaqueMaker? Can I order from your Facebook page?