Laser Engraved Plaques has high-quality engraved plaques for any occasion and any budget. We have a variety of size and material choices. You can select from glass, solid wood, or our laser metal plaques. Each plaque is personalized with your text and logo. Upload your information for our trained graphic designers to create a proof for you, or design your order yourself using our unique online design tools.

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Granite Plaques
$35.00 to $699.00
Solid Cherry Wood Plaques
$28.00 to $649.00
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Titanium Plaques
$65.00 to $350.00
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Copper Plaques
$58.00 to $299.00
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Bronze Plaques
$58.00 to $299.00
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Brass Plaques
$55.00 to $265.00
Rosewood Plaque
$50.00 to $235.00
Marble Plaques
$53.00 to $225.00

The following sizes are out of stock: 11x8.5x.25"

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Stainless Steel Plaques
$35.00 to $199.00
Laser-Engraved Metal Plaques
$21.00 to $165.00