Find meaningful gifts for everyone in our Black Friday guide

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Anthony Fertino
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November 15, 2022 at 10:34:42 AM PST November 15, 2022 at 10:34:42 AM PSTth, November 15, 2022 at 10:34:42 AM PST

Shopping for the entire family requires a wide variety of gifts, so check out our Black Friday guide to avoid endless browsing and find meaningful gifts today. Black Friday is usually helpful to avoid the holiday rush. But it’s also the perfect opportunity to save on gifts for all your upcoming occasions, including birthdays and more.

Unique presents with a personal touch will make a lasting impression, letting your effort and creativity shine. Our customizable products will allow you to include inside jokes, loving messages, and inspired artwork to create a treasured keepsake.

Feel festive with Christmas décor and tree ornaments that have a homemade touch

Holiday shopping is the most popular and busy tradition of Black Friday. If your loved ones celebrate Christmas, then classy ornaments are a great place to start.

Ornaments are the perfect way to add personality to any tree. Even better, they will naturally become a part of the annual decorating tradition. Consider our custom glass crystal ornament that is specially designed to catch light. This will make it a perfect pair for glittering trees near the window.

It is available in four different shapes, to comfortably fit alongside any other ornament. You can also customize it with any message or art.The ornament can be laser engraved for a purely frosted look. You may also add full color printing, making it more vibrant, and easier to see.

Music is one of the great unifiers, and our passion for it creates memories that last a lifetime. Remember your loved ones, celebrate your childhood, or show your partner that you remember “your song” with our music album acrylic ornament.

This custom ornament is one of our most unique and flexible gifts. It can feature any song, artist, song length, and a picture for the album cover. It also comes with a red velvet bag, which perfectly fits the holiday season.

Celebrate holiday stockings with our niche slate designs, which add a crispy, handcrafted look to any home. Our hanging slate sign features colorful red stockings, and includes the phrase “All the Stockings Were Hung”.

This custom sign was built from black slate, hangs with natural rope, and has uniquely chipped edges across the entire surface. These qualities give the sign a tactile, aged, and bold appearance.

It also pairs nicely with our laser engraved Santa slate coasters. These include the phrase “Milk Here Please” alongside Santa’s familiar face. They also come with foam dots, so you don’t have to worry about those chipped edges ruining your furniture.

Support their favorite hobbies with personalized tools and knick-knacks

Fueling someone’s favorite pastime is always a win, because it reinforces how well you know them. It also broadens your shopping category without getting lost in a tide of “everything else”. So, it’s an ideal approach for any holiday or celebration.

Many people love to cook, especially around the holidays, when families gather together to share giant meals. For the casual cook or serious chef in your life, consider our custom cutting boards.

These bamboo cutting boards have a practical size and shape, with a paddle that offers optimal control and easy storage. Use the side with message and artwork for a gorgeous display, and the flip side for legitimate chopping.

If you’re looking for more than a traditional cutting board, you can turn to our slate cutting board. It’s meant for decoration purposes only, featuring black slate and solid acacia wood. The slate can be customized with message and art. This is a great way to recognize someone’s love for cooking when they already have all the tools they need.

We also offer a slate stone display, which is mounted on an easel. This would be perfect for either a chef or painter. The slate can be laser engraved with an amusing menu. And because it’s featured on an easel, a common painting tool, it could include any reference to that art too.

Paintings are often proudly displayed on a shelf, stand, or wall. Our custom slate display would be a clever way to add the name of the painter or works of art. It could also simply have an inspiring or humorous message about painting in general. Either way, it will visually unify their work.

If you’re shopping for any kind of athlete, a practical and durable water bottle would be a safe choice. Consider our custom water bottles, which are available in 9 different colors. You’ll be able to match it with any theme or even their favorite color.

These bottles can be laser engraved with artwork that represents whatever sport they love, from hiking to basketball.

If you need something romantic, our custom guitar pick sign will be a great choice for musicians. Add your names and a special date, such as the day you first met.

This display piece may resemble a guitar pick, but it should be broad enough. It could also be ideal for partners who love to sing. This décor is crafted from eco-friendly bamboo wood, so you can keep an environmentally friendly home.

Celebrate family history, close friends, and great co-workers

This time of the year is often when families recognize and celebrate their relationships together. So, our custom family tree plaque would make an emotional and elegant addition to your home décor.

This custom plaque is made from solid cherry wood, and hangs from the wall with a simple keyhole slot. In addition to your family names and dates, you can design a plaque with laser engraved messages. This gift is perfect for parents, but it’ll be appropriate for all generations to enjoy. It both celebrates the past, and looks to the future.

For your longtime friends, something for casual drinks is thoughtful and fun. If they like to kick back with something breezy, we offer a custom metal flask wrapped in genuine leather.

The flask also comes with a slick presentation box, four shot glasses, and a funnel for easy serving. This gift strikes the right balance between an outgoing tone and a stylish presentation. So, it would also be a good fit for the office, whether it’s a boss or co-worker.

If you’ve got a friend who’s into something more sophisticated, consider our bamboo wine set. It has everything you need to get into the wine scene, or enjoy an existing collection.

The bamboo box can be laser engraved, or you can add a metal plate on top to include your customization instead.

For something small and useful, you can give your friends or co-workers a set of our custom granite coasters. There are plenty of coffee enthusiasts, and it can even be a daily routine for most. That means your gift will be enjoyed every single day!

This set of four coasters would look great in any room. They have a minimalist appearance, so they won’t draw too much attention. But they’re also spiced up by natural light flecks, so they are both nuanced and chic.

No matter what the occasion is, your friends and loved ones deserve something thoughtful. But it can sometimes be challenging to find inspiration for something like that. Fortunately, our products are unique to begin with, and allow you to add your own embellishment. And combining our quality with your creativity will always end up in a smile.