Get Involved and Raise Awareness for Volunteer Day!

Written by
Anthony Fertino
Published on
November 29, 2023 at 10:01:45 AM PST November 29, 2023 at 10:01:45 AM PSTth, November 29, 2023 at 10:01:45 AM PST

Volunteer Day is an international holiday, and broad enough for you to raise awareness for many different causes. So, it’s more accessible for new volunteers and an excellent opportunity for longtime organizers. It can be difficult to genuinely engage the community and earn their interest. Established volunteers also deserve recognition, this time of year. We offer all the awards, prize incentives, and event products you’ll need to celebrate on December 5th.

Reward outstanding Volunteers with our Awards and Annual Plaques

As the end of each year approaches, it’s customary to acknowledge standout contributions. This may involve the most number of hours committed, or even the largest donation.

Our economy-level custom perpetual plaques are an inexpensive option for lobbies and more. They come with 12 spaces, fitting each month of the year. However, they can also reference multiple categories, the top dozen volunteers, and more.

Perpetual awards are a great way to involve more people, keep momentum in your cause, and motivate volunteers. But they’re often most efficient when shared with many. Instead, you might prefer something more personal for individuals.

We have a variety of custom engraved plaques for any volunteer. Our granite stone awards are equally rustic and formal, with eye-catching natural light flecks and classy metal plates.

These plaque awards are available in five different metals, from standard brass to titanium. So, you can customize them for any desk, and any cause.

If you’re seeking something more traditional and flexible, consider our basic custom award plaques. They include a keyhole for wall mounting, though you can also upgrade to an easel for desks. The boards are also available in a wider range of options, such as wood, marble, and glass.

Host the perfect Event Stand with our Custom Tags and Signs

The holiday season naturally encourages people to give. This helps reinforce International Volunteer Day, and promotes more events designed to raise awareness. We have essentials for attending a college campus event, or planning your own community get-together. Events often benefit from an appealing, convenient stand.

Firstly, you can attract potential volunteers with a professional and creative sign. You can add any message, art, and logo to our custom engraved plastic sign. This way, you’ll stand out and efficiently convey your message or cause.

These versatile engraved signs come in 21 unique colors, and even different shapes. We also have extensive sizing options, including signs as large as 48 x 24”. They’ll fit with any resource materials and other stand details.

Name tags and QR tags are also an effective way to create friendliness and efficiency for event guests. Our custom plastic engraved tags can easily build brand synergy with your signs. You’ll also look more personable and inviting.

Investing in a QR code label will make it easy for passersby to quickly revisit your organization’s website. This is especially handy for events, when browsing guests may be interested in your stand, but also short on time.

These engraved plastic tags are available in just as many colors as our signs and tags. They’ll also conserve room on a small event stand, or wherever you advertise your organization. Our laser engraved QR tags also happen to be on sale through November 30th, 2023, arriving just in time for Volunteer Day.

Get creative with Custom Prizes for Volunteer Day drives and more

Personalized prizes can be fun and meaningful incentives to drum up new and returning volunteers. There are many different programs to support, from food and clothing drives to school benefits.

To award a bake sale or food drive winner for the most sales or hours, consider our custom slate cutting board.

This decorative board may not be applicable for cooking, but it’s a niche and charming kitchen accent. Consequently, this choice is family-friendly and cozy. It can be laser engraved with the winner’s name, the year, and other notable details.

Our custom maple pen set is also a memorable prize, though more appropriate for academic and formal volunteer work. It can represent business and studies, for volunteering at the library or other city services.

A globally recognized holiday is always helpful to gain real traction with volunteer work. It can sometimes seem a bit daunting, or even awkward, for some to commit to their community. But International Volunteer Day is large and dense enough to connect with most. It’s best to plan ahead if you want to successfully raise awareness and spirits as the holiday season rolls around.