Keep Summer Camp Fun, Fresh and Safe for Kids

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Anthony Fertino
Published on
July 7, 2022 at 10:45:38 AM PDT July 7, 2022 at 10:45:38 AM PDTth, July 7, 2022 at 10:45:38 AM PDT

The warmest season of the year is finally here, so it’s time to find some creative ways to make summer camp fun and safe for kids of all ages. There are plenty of activities to entertain and educate kids during any camp adventure. However, they also need careful guidance and supervision. As such, it’s also important to plan ahead for basic safety measures.

Our custom water bottles will help your kids beat the heat, with fresh water all day

Kids can easily lose track of time and wear themselves out at summer camp, so it’ll be crucial to keep them properly hydrated.

Our personalized water bottles can be customized with any child’s personality and interests, offering nine different colors and limitless imagery. Summer bugs, flowers and sports would be fitting, but inside jokes are welcome.

Typical summer camp activities, like braving the hiking or biking trails, can offer plenty of opportunities for spills. But the sturdy, stainless steel design of our water bottle is safe for kids to drop without taking serious damage.

The bottle also provides up to 32 oz. of water, and it’s completely insulated. Your kids won’t need to worry about refills, which can be easy to forget, especially if they’re busy having fun.

Order custom name tags to create a tidy and friendly environment

The summer camp staff might be interested in other practical products too, especially if you’re putting a new program together. Ordering a handful of our customizable name tags will make the authority figures clear, so that kids can easily identify and follow the right staff members.

These plastic name tags are durable enough for the outdoors, and available in 21 different colors. This would allow the staff to be organized according to rank, expertise, and area. You can also make sure the name tags match the overall theme of the summer camp or your company.

Our name tags can be fastened to your clothes with a secure bar pin, tape, gator pin or magnetic fastener. You can even order custom shapes, including traditional rectangles with rounded corners that are safe for kids.

That can prove even more useful if you plan to reward kids with their own name tags, or distribute friendship tags for the entire camp.

Use our custom signs to navigate and decorate your Summer Camp

You can rely on our custom garden signs or bamboo signs to help educate and guide kids throughout any summer camp. These signs can help label cabins, or designate activity areas so that kids won’t get separated.

If you send the camp on a bug hunt, include facts about various species throughout the field. Clarify which lakes are appropriate for fishing, and establish which tree-line the kids can use for gardening projects.

Exploring nature can also be dangerous, so consider using signs to keep kids away from ravines or cliffs. You should also feel absolutely confident that they won’t accidentally leave the premises.

Additionally, it can be very important to define the limits of your eating areas for picnics and lunch, since food will often attract wildlife.

Our garden signs are available in seven different materials, including plastic, stainless steel or titanium to effectively serve any exterior conditions. For example, titanium is suitable for a salt-water environment. Each sign stands with 10 or 20-inch garden stakes, and you can select sizes up to 6 x 4".

Signs don’t have to be exclusively reserved for business, either. You can add plenty of personality to your summer camp with imagery that references local customs, tales and more. Signs about Bigfoot, lake monsters and other legends could potentially be fun additions.

Acrylic Awards will make great competition and completion prizes

Rewarding kids with our custom acrylic awards will give a shiny, personalized incentive to win camp competitions like a traditional tug-of-war, races, and more. Kids may also be more interested in completing the program if they’ll receive a memorable prize at the end.

These awards are available in seven different shapes, but you can also make your own shape to fit any activity or theme. If your summer camp is skewed towards younger guests, the tough acrylic material is safe for kids to handle and take home.

We offer economy acrylic awards with a standard frosted engraving or UV color printing, and stand upright with a silver or gold pin. You can select from multiple sizes between 5 and 12”, with a thickness up to .5”.

Thanks to our products, parents and staff alike can trust that summer camp will be a safe and personable experience, creating memories and friendships that can last a lifetime.