Liven Up your Office Style for Small Business Saturday!

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Anthony Fertino
Published on
November 10, 2023 at 12:01:39 PM PST November 10, 2023 at 12:01:39 PM PSTth, November 10, 2023 at 12:01:39 PM PST

Office style is crucial for first impressions, and Small Business Saturday is an excellent opportunity to invest in yourself. Local businesses add invaluable character to the community because they reflect the owners’ unique personality. It’s important to show off your own, and compete with mainstream Black Friday events. We offer professional and practical office products that will reinvigorate your business just in time.

Upgrade the Office with stylish Social Media and QR décor for a modern edge

Although technology can feel cumbersome at times, it’s still an excellent tool for marketing. It’s also a notable point of convenience for casual guests. Potential new customers that only step in for Small Business Saturday will appreciate simple phone interactions.

QR technology is a swift, unobtrusive way for people to catalog and return to a brand. So, consider our custom Facebook Sign. These plastic signs include a QR code that links to your official Facebook page.

Our laser engraved Facebook Signs are available in 21 different colors and a range of pragmatic sizes. For example, the 4x4” size is an inexpensive countertop option. You can also upgrade your order to include a mounting. Then, you can easily display these engraved signs on entryways or other attention-grabbing locations.

If you want more flexibility, our custom QR tags are an excellent alternative. You can’t adjust these plastic engraved tags for significantly larger sizes, like the Facebook sign. However, you can freely link to any page, from your business’ official site to glowing customer reviews.

You can personalize these custom engraved tags with your own text and logo for brand synergy. They’re also available in just as many colors as the Facebook Sign, to match any desired theme. Small tags are good company for shelves, countertops, card-holders, and other small areas.

Our custom Office Décor will add Charm and Credibility

It’s important for the work environment to reflect your professionalism and hard work. The attitude of your office can quickly establish trust with customers and clients. So, investing in desk adornments and displays for your qualifications can be very useful.

We offer certificate plaque display kits for your walls, with clear plexiglass and secure gold tacks. This is a classy way to demonstrate your ability with a nuanced approach.

These certificate plaques are perfect for academic achievements, awards, or even acknowledgments from the community paper. You can choose from multiple unique mounting boards to fit any industry theme.

If your work demands extensive travel, you might also consider our certificate presentation folders. These are tactfully embellished folders that stand with a built-in easel. You can easily transport them, unlike traditional certificate plaques. They’re also suitable for countertops and desks.

Our rosewood landscape clock makes a niche, noticeable statement without coming off pretentious. It doubles as a justifiable tool and attractive desk ornament. Its unique design also allows you to add your logo and text to an accompanying metal plate.

These custom clocks have an equally rustic and elegant appeal. They’re available in silver, gold, or white aluminum, though you can upgrade for other options. It’s an efficient way to keep the office formal while making it cozier and friendlier.

If your office style has a modern interior design, our laser engraved custom glass clocks might be more suitable. Its transparency will prevent clutter, but the novelty of its design is no less compelling.

We also offer a variety of custom desk name plates. You might consider upgrading your current name plate to our personalized walnut desk wedge. It includes a convenient card slot for guests and clients to use following a brief visit or meeting.

Alternatively, our cut out desk plate is an excellent choice for something more unexpected. These custom name plates are especially ideal for artistic and creative industries. They boast a minimalist and freestanding design that creates depth. The design is memorable without feeling informal, altogether.

Small businesses have the unique opportunity to concentrate on quality over quantity, which warrants some office style updates. However, they also help create a sense of community, uplifting their hometown. Small Business Saturday is a meaningful chance to invest in yourself, friends, and family. You can learn more about Small Business Saturday and how to celebrate via the official SBA page.