PlaqueMaker Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary of Custom Design

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Anthony Fertino
Published on
May 23, 2024 at 8:17:58 AM PDT May 23, 2024 at 8:17:58 AM PDTrd, May 23, 2024 at 8:17:58 AM PDT

PlaqueMaker celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, continuing to offer an increasingly wide range of custom design products. Our signature custom plaques and products are available in countless shapes and sizes. Accordingly, PlaqueMaker proudly supports businesses of all sorts too, from large-scale companies to small, family-owned operations. Browse our selection of custom plaques, products, and gifts for all occasions, including your own business anniversary.

Explore PlaqueMaker’s Classic Plaques, Versatile Gifts, and Expanding Products

Naturally, many recognize PlaqueMaker for its wide assortment of custom plaques. They’re ideal for a variety of traditional business needs. But you can easily make a custom plaque for unique projects. Add custom messages, artwork, and more to our plaques to accommodate any industry or need.

In fact, some of our custom aluminum plaques may include same-day shipping. Just submit the order by 10 AM eastern, and approve your proof by 1 PM eastern. This swift shipping option represents just one of many versatile options when you browse PlaqueMaker.

These custom plaques start at just $22, an affordable price that may support a new or small business. You can also invest a bit more for larger sizes up to 18 x 24”, to suit a bigger lobby or office too.

PlaqueMaker itself is also flexible, with much more than high-quality plaques. We include kitchen products, home décor, and even holiday-themed items. This extends to personal and casual gifts, so that businesses and families alike can choose what they need.

For example, our crescent moon Santa signs are excellent for a festive workplace or family Christmas gift. It’s a detailed and high-end piece of décor that matches the old-fashioned tone of the holiday.

These laser engraved wooden signs also serve as door hangers and hang from twine. They have eco-friendly bamboo, but you can still display them indoors or outdoors. You’ll just need to reapply some water seal when the sign needs care. These engraved wood signs are cozy enough for home. But they’re also rustic and formal enough for local storefronts too.

So, although we offer many office-friendly products, the breadth of our custom options reaches all customers.

PlaqueMaker also continues to expand, even after 25 years. As industries evolve, we meet modern business needs for a social presence and more with our custom QR tags. We often add completely new products to our store too, such as our brand-new freestanding acrylic awards.

These printed acrylic awards are freestanding, so they don’t require a pin and keep desks tidy. The acrylic material also features a thicker, 1” design for durability. Custom acrylic awards are always useful for company events and standout employees.

However, they’re also applicable for community causes and organizations, such as libraries or food drives. Similarly, a local business may want to involve their neighborhood at times, too.

Celebrate your own Business Anniversary with our Office Décor

PlaqueMaker celebrates 25 years of custom designs this month, but you might consider marking your business’ milestones too. More businesses emerge every year, and it’s worth observing the year that you established something new.

Consider our engraved plastic signs to inform customers and guests about an upcoming business anniversary or other major events. That may even include a related sale, since you can add any custom message and art design.

You can find these custom engraved signs in nearly two dozen unique colors. Choose from sizes up to 48 x 24” for places that need improved visibility.

If your business also has an anniversary soon, then upgrading your offices can help keep a sense of progress. Refresh workplace desks for the entire staff with our custom desk name plates.

These walnut desk name plates have a stylish wedge design that is certain to impress guests. Add custom names and titles to the plate to reward your employees. You can also include your company logo to increase unity and brand synergy.

PlaqueMaker is pleased to reach 25 years of business this May, and welcomes customers to shop for their offices and homes alike. Our vast array of custom products gives you the freedom to find what you need and add something truly personal. Your sincerity is wholly unique, and improves any gifts or corporate needs well beyond typical office fare. Count on us for everyday products, office essentials, and more as we excitedly enter our next 25 years.