Remember Your Heroes on Memorial Day with Custom Memorials

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Anthony Fertino
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May 16, 2024 at 1:37:54 PM PDT May 16, 2024 at 1:37:54 PM PDTth, May 16, 2024 at 1:37:54 PM PDT

Memorial Day was established to honor military service, a time to remember your heroes and celebrate them. It arrives on May 27th this year, giving friends and family an opportunity to both mourn and reminisce over joyful memories. We offer a variety of respectful custom memorials for all your needs, from garden ceremonies to candle sympathy gifts. Add personal details to our custom products to fit any Memorial Day customs.

Hold Indoor and Outdoor Ceremonies With Our Granite Memorials and More

Memorial ceremonies may need very particular venues to suit the occasion. This may involve a public commemoration or private backyard gardens just for close family members. So, starting with a flexible memorial can help smooth out your plans and let you concentrate on personal concerns.

Our memorial granite stone pillars measure 7 x 2 x 2", a convenient size for most displays. You can also have all four sides laser engraved, which will improve visibility for different points of view.

These custom granite memorials are both affordable and feature a high-quality design suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The granite material, natural light flecks, and polished look are balanced for nuanced appeal.

You can add your loved one’s name and details, as well as some modest clipart. That includes traditional symbols like a cross or Star of David. You may even choose unique images like a paw print for military service dogs.

Similarly, consider our granite custom memorial plaques. They share some of the same features as our memorial pillars, including outdoor durability and natural light flecks. However, they are also available in significantly larger sizes. Although the price scales with the size, you can choose a custom measurement as large as 48 x 36 x 1” for clearer viewing.

Larger memorial plaques may fit bigger get-togethers, such as a church assembly on Memorial Day. You may also select a special mounting if you don’t plan on resting the memorial flat. There are still smaller sizes as well, perhaps as a memorial plaque for garden displays. Public gardens, flower gardens, and more are common dedication areas.

Some ceremonies may want to inform guests about their military hero’s obituary or other online material. This may include a memorial page or websites that support a cause, such as a military or personal charity. That may be especially helpful for events that will feature larger crowds. Consider our memorial QR tags for such occasions.

You can attach this metal QR code tag to most surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. Its titanium metal design can resist tough conditions such as salt water or fertilizer, which affect many memorial areas. Add a 4x4” granite tile to accompany the tag for just $10.

Give Friends and Family a Thoughtful Sympathy Gift for Memorial Day

Bringing a sympathy gift on Memorial Day is a meaningful gesture of support and love. Further emphasizing your sincerity with some personal touches can go a long way. Consider our military hero picture frame to remind friends and family of treasured memories.

These custom picture frames are excellent sympathy gifts to celebrate personal history with the military hero in your life. A cozy new keepsake for home could be the supportive addition loved ones need on Memorial Day.

The genuine red alder wood boasts a refined finish that feels like a dignified gift and fits any living room. You can have a custom name laser engraved into the wood. There is also a second line for text beneath the name to include a rank, organization, or personal details.

Our custom tin candles are another mindful sympathy gift for memorials. It’s a common tradition to light candles of remembrance for loved ones. Our custom soy candles feature a variety of scents to set any preferred mood, such as lavender and peony rose.

These candles are relatively small, so they can fit among other memorial tokens such as flowers and pictures. This also makes them ideal additions at larger gatherings. The stainless steel design also gives laser engraved messages an equally solemn and classy result. The average burn time lasts around 40 hours, which is helpful for lengthier ceremonies.

Memorial Day is a difficult time for military families and their friends. But it’s also an invitation to celebrate loved ones for their dedication and personal connections. Acknowledging their legacy is an emotional, important way for many to feel close to loved ones and honor them. Our custom memorials and sympathy gifts offer the freedom to remember military heroes your own way.