Sisters Day is soon! Shop gifts for their hobbies and more

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Anthony Fertino
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July 20, 2023 at 11:14:24 AM PDT July 20, 2023 at 11:14:24 AM PDTth, July 20, 2023 at 11:14:24 AM PDT

The first Sunday of August is National Sisters Day, so it’s time to shop gifts that celebrate sisterhood. This unofficial holiday is ideal for every sisterly relationship. Any small gesture, including a personalized gift, can be a meaningful opportunity to reconnect. We offer plenty of customizable products for their favorite hobbies, morning routines and more.

Our custom water bottles and coffee tumblers will start any morning right

Most mornings begin bright and early. Your sister might enjoy leaping out of bed for a brisk run while it’s still cool. They could also be in desperate need of hot coffee to face a long day at work.

Our custom water bottle is insulated, and it includes a convenient straw for workouts. You can have any art or personalized message laser engraved onto the bottle.

This custom bottle is available in 9 popular colors, which is likely to include a favorite. It’s also a fairly broad gift, so it’ll be practical for any fan of sports. If they’ve taken up swimming for the summer, it’ll be a great relief any time of day.

You might also consider our custom coffee tumbler mug, which is available in nearly twice as many colors. It’s vacuum-insulated to keep their coffee piping hot all morning.

Coffee tumblers are practical gifts, and great for enthusiasts who regularly enjoy exploring new roasts. You can also have a personalized message laser engraved onto our mugs. Include an inside joke or childhood nickname to add a nice touch.

Find classy gifts for Wine, Pet, and Music lovers

Wine is a delicacy, a culture unto itself with rich flavors that demand special glassware and tools. Even affordable wine can be tasty and fun to discover. Our custom bamboo wine set is eco-friendly and includes unique tools to help begin a wine hobby.

Your sister might also be a dog person, and there’s probably no better gift than making their pet happy. Consider our custom dog collar, which is available in 19" and 23" sizes, as well as 6 different colors.

It’s important to measure the dog beforehand, so this would be a challenging surprise. But you can certainly never buy too much for a pooch. Our dog collar features a buckle fastener and faux leather.

In addition to wine and dogs, music is easily approachable. Our Spotify-themed custom acrylic plaques allow you to frame your sister’s favorite album or artist. It also provides a chic opportunity to feature a nostalgic song that you shared together.

Losing touch with loved ones due to busy personal lives, or even squabbles, is all too common. And you needn’t reserve reaching out to them for birthdays or larger family events. National Sisters Day is a touch obscure, but that only makes it more thoughtful to celebrate, and it’s no less important.