Support Women In Engineering Day awareness and achievements

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Anthony Fertino
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June 14, 2023 at 12:14:01 PM PDT June 14, 2023 at 12:14:01 PM PDTth, June 14, 2023 at 12:14:01 PM PDT

International Women in Engineering Day arrives on June 23rd, a crucial time to support women in the field and encourage newcomers. It’s also an opportunity to acknowledge their accomplishments. The day addresses the need for more women in engineering, and has evolved over time, becoming international. Our products will help you recognize both academic and professional success for yourself, family, and friends.

Certificates and awards are perfect for graduation, programs and more

Academic achievements can require extensive time, dedication, money, and even travel. For those who have recently graduated or completed an engineering program, consider our certificate plaque display kits.

These certificate plaques are available in three different sizes to fit a variety of documents. The displays are an elegant way to commemorate effort and success. In a new office, this will also inspire confidence about your professional history and authority.

For educators and employers who want to award engineers, our diamond acrylic awards engraved with custom messages are an ideal choice.

These acrylic awards boast a unique design that feels both noticeable and classy. The mirror top on the base also adds some color. This layer of complexity reflects the nature of engineering. However, you can also select the silver mirror top to blend in with the glass a bit more.

Adorn the new office with décor that makes a statement

Whether you’ve gotten an exciting new job, promotion, or started your own business, customizing an office can be useful. It gives the space personality, and style makes a good impression. Practical and attractive décor can also make great gifts for loved ones and friends. Our custom desk name plates are a great place to start, such as the glass name plates.

These desk name plates have a modern look that matches the innovative engineering field. The glass and freestanding design are tidy, minimalist features. Our name plates can also help create brand synergy, by including a custom logo beside your name.

Similarly, we also offer a crystal paperweight cube that can be personalized, and sits at an interesting angle. The clipped corner makes a compelling yet simple display piece.

The blocky nature of this paperweight feels like a nod to engineering math, structures, and balance. Paperweights might seem a little outdated, but they can still be useful to keep track of contracts, reports, and more. Also, the clear glass material will easily blend in with any office’s interior design.

By comparison, our personalized desk clock has more of a vintage appeal. However, thanks to its arched and mechanical design, it should serve as both a thematic and practical gift for engineers.

Between the golden pins and rosewood base, these desk clocks serve as fancy decorations. While this may be too flashy for some desks, they are still very charming. If a metal plate seems too busy, you can have custom text frosted directly into the glass.

Celebrate inventions for the field with our custom Patent Plaques

Engineering is a complex industry, demanding a lot of adaptation and growth. Many women contribute something new altogether. Our custom patent plaques are both a sleek and formal display for patented inventions.

These plaques can be customized enough to represent the spirit of any invention. Our patent plaques are normally color printed, but you can also upgrade to a solid metal for laser engraving. Aside from office décor, patent plaques from previous graduates could serve as an inspiration in the classroom.

International Women in Engineering Day has been officially recognized by UNESCO. And it is sure to improve the field by expanding it with crucial new talent. Décor and awards, especially those with custom designs, can prove to be a very meaningful gesture. Also, any level of support could help inspire entire careers that will shift the engineering landscape.