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Custom Gifts for Weddings

Whether it’s for the happy couple, the bridal party or the wedding guests, custom gifts make unique and cherished favors and keepsakes.

Choose from full-color printed plaques or a variety of laser-engraved plaque styles. We also have Easy Design styles that are just as personal, yet fast and easy to order.

Gifts can be personalized with names, monograms, dates, quotes, scripture and dedications, as well as a photo or art such as wedding clip art.

Crystal picture frame plaques are very popular – a gold or silver plastic frame holds a photo, or choose to the image engraved directly on the glass. Includes a black metal base for freestanding display.

Customizable Wedding Guest Book Signs are a perfect gift for the bride and the groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, parents, relatives and friends. Display sign during the wedding and have each guest sign it for a truly unique decoration that will memorialize everyone who came to celebrate love.

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The Rich History of Paperweights

According to the Glass Paperweight Foundation however, (yes, there is such a thing), paperweights are one of the world’s best-kept secrets.

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Get Ready for Your Fabulous Super Bowl Party

Of the over 190 million Americans who are expected to watch Super Bowl 56 on February 13, about 5% of them say enjoying the fun food is the most important part of the day for them. That may not seem like a lot, even though it adds up to about 11 million party goers!

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Color Me Red, Pink & White for Valentine’s Day

Each of these Valentine colors has its own special meaning for lovers, friends and family. Although roses are a traditional gift, almost any color present wrapped in Valentine colors will represent the giver’s love and affection for the object of their desire. Other colors and color combinations also have unique meaning on Valentine’s day – read on to learn more.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Wives, husbands, children, parents … friends and coworkers … someone you admire from afar? We’ve created a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide full of specially selected gifts to help you choose that perfect present … and create a little romance for Valentine’s Day.

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Personalized Hostess Gifts

Traditionally speaking, a hostess gift is something a host or hostess would use while entertaining. Hostess gifts differ from birthday gifts, for instance – another something you could bring to a party- in that the birthday gift would be personal in nature, like jewelry, a book or a baseball hat. A hostess gift would be used for entertaining at a future party, like place cards, coasters, hand towels, a candy dish or serving tray – even board games or Christmas ornaments.

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For the Love of Chess

Studies show that playing chess provides impressive benefits to our brains. Like those of grandmaster chess players – they have more activity in areas of the brain that focus on problem-solving and recognition. Or the research that finds children have higher IQ scores after they complete an 18-week chess class. Studies, research and experiments have shown:

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History of the Drinking Flask

Throughout history, evidence has proven the popularity of drinking flasks. These durable containers capable of carrying beverages over long distances are first created by nomadic Norwegians, and have evolved along the way to include the hip flask – made for holding a distilled beverage, and many others. Also called canteens, drinking flasks are made of pewter, silver, glass and stainless steel, as well as leather or animal skins. Native Americans and early settlers use drinking flasks; soldiers preferred them in WWII. Silver and glass flasks gain popularity in the early 1800’s, especially as the kidney flask, which is usually contoured to match the curve of the hip or thigh for comfort and discrete placement. Some flasks include small cups to make sharing easier, although generally liquid is drunk directly from the flask.

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Create a Culture of Employee Engagement

Today, business leaders everywhere are tasked by their bosses to get the most out of their team. The effect of positive reinforcement on motivation is well-documented; when we receive it, we want more of it. So, if one of your employees does a great job on a project and you recognize their achievement in a meaningful way, chances are your employee will want to feel that same sense of accomplishment again -and work with this in mind on the next challenge, no matter its scope. This is the basic psychology behind successful employee recognition programs.

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4 Best New Year Gift Ideas for Your Loved One

A New Year’s gift is just that much more special when it is engraved with a name or personalized with a caption that matches the recipient’s tastes or personality.

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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas

You still have time to make your gift-giving special and have them delivered for Christmas! Take a look at these custom engraved ideas …

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Make the Season Bright

Uninspired by the same old holiday gift selection out there? Create something truly unique and wonderful at PlaqueMaker – treasured keepsakes that can become holiday traditions for you and your loved ones.

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Holiday Gift Plaques

They say it’s the thought that counts, right? People give plaques for all sorts of reasons – many times to commemorate an award such as Employee of the Year or an achievement such as Top Salesperson. What if you think of a plaque in a more unusual way –as a personalized gift for Christmas or to celebrate New Year’s Eve?

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4 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Holiday season is officially upon us, and if you’re like us, chances are good that you are already racking your brain trying to come up with the best gifts that you can get for your family and friends.

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Custom Engraved Gift Tags for Homemade & DIY Gifts

Now’s about the time you’re probably hard at work creating unique and specially made holiday gifts for your family and friends, right? Make sure to design a gift presentation that is equally as awesome.

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Why Do We Give Gifts at Christmas?

The tradition of giving gifts at Christmas is both an ancient custom and a modern invention.

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The Meaning of Christmas Colors

-Johnny Marks, Songwriter

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Holiday Gift Ideas – Personalized Gift Tags

Celebrate the warmth of the holidays with family and friends by using personalized gift tags.

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Holiday Gift Ideas – Personalized Wine Sets

Celebrate the warmth of the holidays with family and friends by giving personalized wine sets.

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Holiday Gift Ideas – Personalized Ornaments

Share the warmth of the holidays with family and friends by giving personalized ornaments.

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