How to Honor a Beloved Pet

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Kyle Sherman
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July 31, 2021 at 8:00:00 AM PDT July 31, 2021 at 8:00:00 AM PDTst, July 31, 2021 at 8:00:00 AM PDT

When a beloved pet passes away, it helps to honor their memory with a special tribute.

Pets are pals, playmates, confidantes and beloved members of the family. When a pet dies, it can be a difficult time for everyone who knew and loved them. Suddenly, there’s a pet-sized hole in everyone’s heart, and it’s hard to know how to mourn – especially for children.

Saying goodbye is easier when you have a focal point for your feelings. Everyone who loved your fur baby can come together, gather around a memorial and share memories. It can be a powerful experience that feels respectful toward your departed pet and allows everyone to grieve.

What’s the best kind of memorial? It depends on your pet and your family. One of these options might be the right fit.

● Online Memorial – Web-based memorials have become very popular for remembering pets. They offer a big advantage in terms of geography: If those who loved your pet are spread out across the world, they can go online to participate in the memorial. However, online memorials can feel less solid and permanent than other types of memorials. Depending on where the memorial is posted, it might not last forever.

● Living Memorial – Living memorials usually come in the form of trees, bushes or plants. They can be planted in your pet’s favorite spot or in a location that’s meaningful to the family. This type of memorial comes with some pros and cons. On the positive side, a tree or plant can be a beautiful and natural tribute to your pet. For decades, a family can see a tree’s growth as a sign of renewal. It’s worth considering, though, that any living memorial is vulnerable to the elements. A bad winter or big storm could kill your living memorial, which might be traumatic for loved ones.

● Toy Memorial – A toy memorial is an artistic creation made from your pet’s toys. It’s a quirky idea that keeps things positive that works wonderfully if your pet had a significant number of interesting toys. You’ll also need to find a friend, relative or artist who can make the custom creation.

● Pet Hair Memorial – Another quirky idea: Memorials made from your pet’s hair. You can commission a sweater, scarf, pillow or a small talisman that can be held in the palm of the hand. While this idea isn’t for everyone, some people find it very reassuring to be able to hold a piece of their beloved furry friend. Children who were very attached to their pet might find it calming to stroke their fur and remember them.

● Photo Collage Memorial – A photo collage is a timeless classic. When there’s a memorial photo collage on the wall, even a passing glance can bring a cascade of positive memories. You’ll need a decent sized group of photos and you may want to consider custom framing to ensure they’re well-preserved.

● Engraved Gravestone or Rock – Engraved rocks and headstones are also perennially popular for preserving memories of pets. Whether they’re used at an actual burial site or just appreciated on a mantel, an engraved stone feels solid and respectful.

● Cremation Urn – Urns come in many shapes and sizes, so when you consider this option, think beyond the traditional metal urn shape. Modern pet urns can be made of many materials, like metal, stone and wood, and can be customized with a photo and special wording. One big benefit of a cremation urn is that it offers plenty of flexibility in design. You can come up with something that truly fits your pet and family. It also holds the actual ashes of your pet, which creates special connection for years to come.

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