Travel in style, Shop Gifts and more for Summer Vacation

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Anthony Fertino
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July 18, 2023 at 1:14:37 PM PDT July 18, 2023 at 1:14:37 PM PDTth, July 18, 2023 at 1:14:37 PM PDT

A summer vacation is easier to plan thanks to warm weather and school schedules, so be sure to travel in style. We’ve got essentials to help you prepare for a big trip, and themed gifts for family and friends. There’s sure to be an abundance of heat, shopping, and exciting new memories. Summer’s all about relaxation and fun, so it’s worth investing in going-away presents or a treat for yourself.

Keep your drinks secure, stylish and at just the right temperature

Many vacations involve prolonged walking, hiking, and extensive swimming. Summer heat is ideal for visiting the beach, but it can quickly become exhausting. So, it’s important for the whole family to stay hydrated on a busy trip.

Between convenient school semesters, it’s easy to bring along the kids. In fact, the entire vacation might have been put together just to take them somewhere exciting. Fortunately, you can rely on our custom sippy cup to help prevent spills and keep liquids cool.

These sippy cups hold 10 oz of liquid, so you won’t have to be concerned about constant refills. It also includes a special lid to help you avoid accidents. Complicated trips can be challenging enough to wrangle without minor hiccups.

If you’ve invited family or friends that have kids, gifting these sippy cups would be a nice gesture. They’re affordable, high quality, and practical. It can also be a creative way to get kids in the spirit of the vacation adventure. You’ll be able to customize the cup, to build anticipation and make it part of the experience.

The adults would enjoy something fun to drink with, too. Vacations are usually organized with a meticulous itinerary. So, however burdensome, you might have to wake up bright and early.

An early morning is often the easiest way to make the most of a pricey trip or catch an event. Our custom coffee mug is the perfect way to start your morning.

These mugs are stainless steel, which is durable enough for a variety of trips. Also, you don’t have to stick with our sample image. Summer is the best season to enjoy the crisp breeze, mobility, and escapism of a cruise. But you can personalize our coffee mugs with any destination or theme.

Summer break doesn’t just spell vacation for students, but also their teachers. It’s a crucial, under-appreciated, and demanding profession. Even if they don’t ultimately go on an actual trip, the season itself is a vacation. For some timely relaxation, teachers might be interested in our custom wine tumbler.

With a double-wall, vacuum insulated design, our custom wine tumblers will keep your drink cool. This is ideal for pool parties and beach parties. You can lounge in the sun longer, and don’t have to worry about spills at busy get-togethers.

Shop in style and with our custom wallets and ID holder

Shopping plays a large role in almost any summer vacation, especially if you’re traveling. Plan ahead for souvenir purchases. And aside from merch, the local restaurants and hotel treats might also tempt you.

On the practical side, you’ll also be paying for a wide range of different transportation. And if you have business cards or tickets to a big event, it’s important not to lose them. So, consider our custom trifold wallet to keep everything together. It includes 12 credit card slots, a bill compartment, and a clear window for your license and ID.

These faux leather wallets look classy, and they’re available in 8 different colors. So, if you aren’t visiting the southwest USA, you can exchange its western look to fit any theme.

It also features both a hand wrist strap and a zipper compartment. These are sure to help keep your essentials secure. It’s easy to simply lose things that you consistently use during travel.

Alternatively, our custom keychain ID holder is simpler and more affordable. Like the full wallet, it can still be laser engraved with custom text.

This custom ID holder only has 2 credit card slots, and a simple snap closure. But it’s still an efficient way to bring the bare necessities for a night out. It’s also more ideal as a gift, if the recipient already has a wallet and doesn't necessarily want a decoy. It’s smaller, less of an obligation, and should prove useful beyond the summer vacation itself.

Keep your favorite moments from the adventure in our custom picture frames

Once you’ve returned from a big vacation, you surely have countless pictures to sort through. There are live shows, landmarks to discover, and people to meet. It’s easy to snap away, but you don't have to reserve pictures for fleeting posts on your socials.

Whether you’ve captured the perfect selfie, or a big family photo, our faux leather picture frames are the perfect display. You can add your own art and text with full color.

You can also choose from 7 different colors for these custom picture frames. Their design is cozy, timeless, and flexible enough for all the little moments that make a trip worthwhile.

The artsy, homemade style will make it a fun gift for photographers and anyone who loves arts and crafts. But its touch of vintage appeal is also terrific for families who want to treasure when the kids were young.

Our custom metal prints are a novel combination of retro and modern styles. The design successfully emulates classic polaroid photos, and the result is both niche and nostalgic.

You can easily mount these metal prints with tape, and customize them with elegant fine text or a cozier thick font. A thicker font will likely resemble the casual sharpies used on polaroids.

Our metal prints are also ideal for celebrating longtime traditions. Many families have a tradition of going on certain trips, either local or abroad. If there are genuine polaroids of these trips, you can create heartwarming synergy with past generations.

For something a little more traditional, consider our custom bamboo picture frame. It’s a classic frame made from eco-friendly wood, offering a rustic and detailed look. The streamlined design is also more pliable alongside other décor.

Summer ordinarily begins with a humble grill in the backyard, and homemade BBQ recipes. But the advantageous weather and schedules are flexible. They allow you to plan out an imaginative summer vacation. And although it might be challenging at times, the opportunity to explore and spend time together is invaluable.