Decorate and Prepare Your Garden For Spring 2024!

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Anthony Fertino
Published on
March 13, 2024 at 12:47:03 PM PDT March 13, 2024 at 12:47:03 PM PDTth, March 13, 2024 at 12:47:03 PM PDT

Spring cleaning is a longstanding tradition, and a ripe opportunity to prepare your garden for the spring 2024 season. The warm, friendly weather is convenient for organizing the backyard and planting new gardens. The spring equinox lands on March 19th this year. So, it’s an appropriate time to redecorate, tidy up the tool shed, and clean up the garden for fresh arrivals.

Use our Custom Plaques and Labels to Organize Shelves and Paths

If you’re planning a new home garden, you may only have beds of soil to work with thus far. It can be helpful to distinguish different sections, map out walkways ahead of time, and more. Consider our custom garden signs, featuring an eco-friendly bamboo wood design that can fit nearly any garden aesthetic.

These personalized garden signs stand with a 10” or 20” garden stake. The lower option is more likely to go unnoticed in the garden, while the latter could be more convenient to read.

Our custom garden signs allow you to define unique species and their needs. They’re also ideal for dedications, either as a gift or in memory of loved ones.

Businesses might also be interested in guiding or instructing guests. Our stainless steel garden signs are a bit more formal and durable. Direct guests to different entrances, limit access to certain areas, and remind pet owners to tend their animals.

If you recently invested in a garden shed, or haven’t visited yours since last season, it may be time to organize. Gardening requires a variety of specialized tools. This may include anything from basic spades and shears to repellents and attire.

So, consider our custom plastic labels to quickly identify tool shelves and avoid losing your smaller items. You’ll be able to separate unique tools, pots, food, and sprays for different plants and tasks.

Our engraved plastic labels are available in 21 different colors, to color-code your shed. You can also choose from multiple sizes up to 4 x 2", to fit any shelf. The basic mountings include a tape or a bar pin. However, you can upgrade to other options, such as holes with screws for something sturdy.

Spruce up your Garden with Classy Custom Décor

Gardening is a hobby that requires extensive care and dedication, and the results are often gorgeous or tasty. So, tending the family garden can become an annual tradition, and many of its contents are natural presents. Consider our custom granite pillars for an equally dignified and stylish decoration.

These pillars have a bold design that draws attention. So, you can have it laser engraved with the family name, romantic messages, and more. Flowers are a romantic staple, and our granite pillars are also an affordable gesture.

The natural light flecks also add a cozy texture, so our pillars won’t feel out of place in your garden. You can even save space by designing your artwork or text on a portrait layout.

If you’re specifically adding a memorial to your garden, consider our memorial granite flower planter. The elegant design is ideal for commemorating your brand-new house, or remembering loved ones.

You can have our custom flower planter laser engraved with family or pet names, to fit the rest of a family plot. A special memorial would also be appropriate for loved ones who simply enjoyed tending the garden. This is a tasteful addition to traditional engraved headstones.

The planter is also suitable indoors, for something more celebratory. You may choose from two different sizes, so the smaller option might be better for indoor gardens.

Our custom engraved bricks are another niche piece of décor. They can be added directly into existing brick paths. This will align with many business exteriors, or some yards at home.

These custom bricks might also serve as accent decorations for traditional home gardens. Bricks have an earthy texture that makes good company for raised gardens, planting shelves, and porches.

With the winter weather clearing up, it might be time for some more company. Our custom welcome signs add a cozy and friendly attitude to any garden. It’s also a handy seasonal update for businesses to showcase their logo.

These bamboo signs don’t come with a mounting, but you can upgrade to holes with screws. This allows you to hang the sign on the front porch or entrance, beside your fresh garden. You might also fasten it to walls, raised garden beds, and more. Bear in mind that it will need a water seal when used outside.

Gardening is a relaxing pastime, but it still requires lots of investment and skill. It’s already an expression of your own personality and tastes, so custom décor is a natural addition. Spring is also a time to clean up and begin anew. Getting started can be tough for some, but customizing décor makes the process fun and promising. And businesses will surely make guests comfortable with fresh gardens and decorations.