Got a Coffee Hobby? Find gifts for National Coffee Day!

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Anthony Fertino
Published on
September 15, 2023 at 1:12:41 PM PDT September 15, 2023 at 1:12:41 PM PDTth, September 15, 2023 at 1:12:41 PM PDT

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you may want to find gifts for the perfect blend this National Coffee Day. Traditional drip coffee often helps with busy mornings. But coffee is surprisingly versatile in preparation and flavors. It’s both cozy and thrilling, and a warm delight for fall. From potent espresso to latte art, coffee can be a complex hobby. Our custom gifts can help you indulge and celebrate National Coffee Day on September 29th.

Browse our classy mugs and tumblers, suited for every occasion

Mugs and tumblers might seem like more of an obligation than a treat. But they’re both practical and engaging with some personal customization. We offer special insulation, handles and lids for you to finish your coffee anywhere, anytime.

Our custom bistro coffee mug has the classic, open design for relaxing with your coffee and admiring it. You can appreciate detailed latte art, the whipped cream of a vienna, or dig into an affogato. You can have your own message and logo laser engraved onto the side.

You can choose from six different colors, and customize the handle for left or right-handed use. This is especially helpful if you’re browsing gifts for friends or family. If you run a business, this is a broad and affordable gift for the entire staff.

You might also consider our coffee tumbler mug. It features a stainless steel design, clear lid, and insulation. This makes it more ideal for the workplace than a ceramic bistro mug. It’s also relatively small, and available in a wider range of 16 unique colors.

If you plan on visiting lots of family for the holidays, our stainless steel travel mug is also a convenient choice. It boasts the same durability as our tumbler, but adds the signature lid and shape for sipping on the go.

Pair your latest roast with accessories, décor and more

Coffee is enjoyable by itself, but there are many natural complements. Countless appliances and devices help with unique drinks, from a French Press to milk frothers. But it could be time to spice up your basics, such as worn coasters, which are easier to replace.

Our personalized bamboo coasters are available in packs of four, and nestled in a stylish storage caddy. Like our custom wood plaques, these coasters are also eco-friendly.

These bamboo coasters are a smaller investment that you can still customize with laser engraved or color-printed text. Also, the natural design is likely reminiscent of your favorite café.

Similarly, we also offer a set of four granite coasters. These are a much bolder selection, and they come with rubber feet to avoid damaging surfaces. The black design with natural flecks will resemble fresh coffee beans. As a result, the coasters feel equally striking, rustic and down-to-earth.

National Coffee Day is perfectly positioned for your fall redecoration. Sprucing up the room is a fun way to celebrate coffee if you aren’t interested in customizing drinkware.

Our slate stone and easel is a charming, unique piece of home décor that could imitate a café menu. You could personalize it by pairing family names with their favorite drinks. Or, you could commit to fake pricing for an authentic touch.

The novelty of this décor makes a great impression without cluttering the area. So, it’s also an excellent surprise, and it can be laser engraved or color printed for vibrant artwork.

Fall is the season of pumpkin spice, a seasonal staple in most cafés. If you’ve had enough caffeine for the day, you can still enjoy the aroma with our custom tin candle. In addition to several other scents, it’s available in pumpkin spice.

This soy candle is nearly half the price of our custom jar candles, and can still feature personal text. As Halloween approaches, it might be time to stock up on pumpkin-themed treats.

National Coffee Day may not have the scope or personal meaning of some other holidays. But it’s certainly a charming excuse to admire how coffee can be more than a morning routine. A dedicated holiday is the perfect opportunity to discover the blends, styles, and spirit.