Reward employees and invest in yourself this Labor Day

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Anthony Fertino
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August 25, 2023 at 3:31:54 PM PDT August 25, 2023 at 3:31:54 PM PDTth, August 25, 2023 at 3:31:54 PM PDT

You’re likely to build a healthier, more productive workplace if you reward employees for Labor Day. It arrives on the first Monday of September, presenting an opportunity to recognize work that often goes under-appreciated. And with major strikes in the entertainment industry, Labor Day’s meaning is likely on everyone’s mind. Our customized gifts are professional and affordable enough to acknowledge any great work, including business owners.

Personable desk gifts can help identify the individual and create synergy

Desk gifts can sometimes seem a little corny. But we offer practical and elegant options that let you add a personal touch. Identifying someone by their name, and perhaps referencing their hobbies, can make someone feel less like a number on a spreadsheet. Providing consistent gifts for everyone can also make the office feel like more of a team.

Our custom desk name plates are an excellent place to begin. We have glass desk name plates that you can have frosted or color printed with your logo and different names.

These name plates have a sleek, freestanding design that won’t create visual clutter. The smallest size, which measures 8 x 2”, only costs $31. This makes it ideal if you’re seeking something equally classy and economical for a larger staff.

Similarly, consider our custom crystal paperweights, which feature high quality jade glass . They occupy less desk space than name plates, and can be more practical.

However, you may have a smaller staff, or feel like investing in something ornate to spruce up the workplace. Our walnut desk wedge has an elaborate, yet refined design that includes a slot for business cards.

These custom desk wedges are practical for guests and promote confidence. They could also serve as a nice treat for yourself, if you recently started your business.

Still, keeping your gesture smaller is sometimes best. There are sure to be plenty of coffee fans in your office that would enjoy our custom coffee mug. These mugs can be laser engraved with a joke, name, or slogan to create something genuine and distinct.

These custom mugs are available in eight different colors. You can also have the handle fitted for left or right-handed employees alike. Further, employees can freely take the mugs home instead of feeling obliged to add them to their desk.

Award exceptional, longtime work with awards and perpetual plaques

At times, an award is appropriate for standout workplace performances. Plaques and awards are encouraging milestones that can establish a sense of progress and accomplishment.

Our economy acrylic awards are one of our most flexible Labor Day gifts for any business. You can customize more than just a message or logo. They’re available in different shapes altogether, and you may even create your own. Additionally, you can adjust the thickness, mounting pin, or add a backing.

You can use these acrylic awards to recognize special achievements , or as broader rewards. For example, that could include the number of years an employee has dedicated to the team. Or, the entire staff could receive the award for a companywide achievement.

Our economy bamboo award plaques are a similar option, only with a rustic look. These eco-friendly alternatives also come in any shape. But they can represent more specific industries, particularly those involving design and handiwork. Further, they might sometimes feel more distinct than the traditionally sleek and modern look of an acrylic award.

Adding one of our custom perpetual plaques to the workplace can continue to reward employees beyond Labor Day. Acknowledging the employee of the month can be effective. It can also showcase regular company accomplishments to motivate the team or impress guests.

Our perpetual plaques can include up to 24 different name plate spaces. If you choose just a dozen spaces for now, we can conveniently add additional plates later on for a small charge. These perpetual awards come with a key slot hole, but an easel upgrade is available for just $3.

The latter can be helpful for displaying your plaque on the front desk of a lobby. Our outdoor perpetual plaques are great for industries that work outside, or like to display achievements to the public.

If your workplace incorporates volunteer work, perpetual plaques are a great way to recognize volunteers for supporting the community. This can encourage others to become active, and make volunteers feel more involved.

Similarly, it may be time to recognize pledges and sponsors. We offer perpetual pledge plaques, which can display as many as 120 name plates. This makes it easier for larger organizations with many sponsors.

These perpetual plaques are available with a wide range of board materials and colors. But most importantly, you can customize the art and text. You can freely list how much everyday donors have given, or how many hours volunteers have worked. That could surely inspire everyone to do more.

Labor Day carries a dense history of serious struggles that impacted business. Employers and employees alike should respect and remember those remarkable strides. Most indulge their free time to celebrate as summer winds down. But personalized gifts can be meaningful and motivational tokens of Labor Day.