Articles written by Kyle Sherman
Articles written by
Kyle Sherman

Friends and Family Are Forever!

A few years ago, one of Kristen Case‘s good friends was diagnosed with breast cancer. She survived a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. “She thought she had it beat, but this past year the cancer came back,” Kristen tells us. “She fought really hard, but in July, Barb passed away.” Barb’s husband, her sons and many of her friends were by her side through the good and the bad. “It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through with someone.”

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Lawrence Township Remembers Coach Bell

the entire community along with teachers, students and athletes took part in a halftime ceremony, naming the school’s stadium in recognition of their longtime teacher and coach,

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Celebrate Summer with a Personalized BBQ Set

June 21, 2022 – As the first day of summer signals the start of long, lazy days hammocking and hiking and hanging out with friends, it also tells you it’s time to fire up the grill.

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Take Your Dog To Work Day June 24

Created by Pet Sitters International in 1999, Take Your Dog To Work Day not only celebrates the great companions dogs make, encourages employers to experience the joy of welcoming pets into the workplace and support their local pet community.

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Summer is Here! Ball Games and Fishing Trips

The unofficial start to the summer season is here and that could only mean two things: cheering on your favorite little league team and trips to the cabin at the lake for fishing.

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4 Special Gifts Ideas to Congratulate Your 2022 Grad

While it is not a must that you give someone something during their graduation ceremony, the practice is pretty common today.

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Tips for Planning Events for Employees, Family, and Friends

From company picnics and employee outings to class reunions and family get-togethers, these summer traditions are a chance to create memorable experiences for all who are invited. We’ve compiled an 8-point checklist to help create a fun, unforgettable summer event for employees, family or friends.

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Hostess Gifts for Summer Vacations

Today, more and more vacationers are staying in a home or condo than ever before. Some statistics point to at least a quarter of travelers (24%) are forgoing a traditional hotel or resort for the ease and comfort of a vacation home or condominium that they either own or will rent. Not to mention, the value Americans are looking for – 94% of leisure travelers say, “value for the price” is the primary reason for choosing vacation rental lodging. Of course, it helps if you own a vacation home, or you know someone who’s willing to let you use their place for your rest and relaxation.

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Lost? There’s a Sign for That!

The Frost School in Rockville, Maryland is a nonpublic special education school serving children and adolescents who live in the Washington, DC metro area with emotional, behavioral and autism spectrum disorders. Founded in 1976 by the non-profit Family Foundation, The Frost School offers a variety of programs designed to integrate specialized academic instruction, counseling, transition services and behavioral modification strategies that are customized for the students themselves.

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Dungeons & Dragons – Do You Have Bragging Rights?

It’s all part of the wildly popular fantasy role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons –D&D for short- a storytelling adventure with at least 20 million enthusiasts worldwide, and counting.

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Let’s Get Social

(Except when we’re actually creating wonderful custom engraved plaques for you!) We love it when you share your reviews, suggestions and photos with us, because we learn more about how you’re creating memories for your business, family and friends using PlaqueMaker products. In turn, we’re always eager to share our latest promotions, new products and improvements with you. And with the holidays fast approaching, this includes letting you know about expanded hours and order deadlines for on-time delivery.

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Custom Laser Engraved Plaques for Collectibles

Mike Andreadakis creates high-quality custom models for collectors, often using custom lighting and paint to feature the intricate details of the design. He displays the models on custom-built stands that include an informational plaque.

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Honoring Community Service

Here’s a lovely idea on how to do it! Tammy Holloway is the Program Director for Snack in a Backpack of Blue Ridge, Georgia, a nonprofit organization that provides nutritious food to local children in need. Funded entirely by private donors and local businesses, the program is dedicated to reducing childhood hunger in Fannin County, serving more than 400 students in seven county schools.

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Celebrate Flag Day

The first unofficial observance occurs on June 14, 1885. Bernard J. Cigrand, a 19-year-old teacher at Stony Hill School in Waubeka, Wisconsin, places a 38-star U.S. flag in an inkwell on his desk and asks his students to write an essay on the meaning of the flag and its significance to people of the United States. Mr. Cigrand’s school assignment begins his long, devoted effort to bring about national recognition and observance of Flag Day.

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Personalized Gifts for Father’s Day June 19

Do You Know? The great state of Washington is the first in the nation to proclaim a “Father’s Day,” back in 1910 –inspired by mothers, of course.

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Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

We have a few personalized gift ideas for your Pop – because Father’s Day comes but once a year! Customize your Dad’s gift with one free logo, photo or clip art with no set-up fees – we’ll email you a free digital proof by the next business day. Most custom products ship within two business days of approval and payment, and standard shipping is free within the contiguous United States.

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Best Practices for Employee Recognition Programs

For companies that believe in best practices, new research is recognizing “employee recognition” programs for their achievement in motivating people to do their best, no matter where they’re standing on the corporate ladder. Perhaps it’s because everybody loves a winner. Winning makes everyone happy and winners get to talk about it. So do winning companies. Which is why peer-to-peer thanks and recognition is piquing the interest of corporations today. Most of us want to be appreciated and need to belong, and regular kudos inspire us to do more:

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Honoring a Fallen Game Hero

Kei Preston recently shared his custom plaque creation with us, which has a fabulous back story. We’ll let Kei tell you about it:

“This plaque is designed as a thank you gift for a friend …

… He was the ‘game master’ for our Dark Heresy campaign (essentially a Warhammer 40k variation of Dungeons & Dragons) and he did an exquisite job. The story arc he had laid for us was intriguing, his ability to react to our unpredictable whims was impressive and his use of sound effects and voice modifiers was phenomenal. Paired with his stellar voice acting, the experience was really unforgettable, largely due to his performance.”

“Laughs and close calls were shared during our campaign …

… He also role played our commanding officer, allowing us to ask questions and interact with him in such a way that did not disrupt the game. When our campaign was over, his character went missing and was presumed dead.”

“To thank him for his top notch performance and guidance, my other friends and I pitched in to award him the equivalent of the Medal of Honor posthumously with a plaque honoring our fallen commanding officer.”

Kei and his friends chose PlaqueMaker for our affordable price, especially when ordering an individual plaque. The plaque is totally personalized with words written by Kei, along with the Rosette of the Inquisition, which is the fictional governmental organization their characters worked for. Our design team helped Kei with the plaque layout and also made several changes at his request very quickly.

“We love the final product! Thanks again everybody,” Kei tells us. You’re quite welcome!

Create easy design tabletop or card tournament game award plaques for your next champion. It’s easy to customize with winner’s name, tournament name and a special message.

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Timeless Love Songs

Recent PlaqueMaker customer William W. Burrows shares a story he’s written that describes the artistic work of North Carolina-based Windsong Instruments and the hand-crafted instruments they make. “They are true works of art, hand-crafted the same way as it was done 300 years ago,” William says. “Many people, including myself, purchase these custom-made, authentic old-fashioned dulcimers to hang on the wall as room decorations. One thing was missing – a plaque that explained the significance of the musical instrument.”

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LED Light-Up Signs

… and her uncanny ability to give just the perfect present, drawing oohs and ahhs from her family. At the time, Kori exclaimed what an easy gift idea PlaqueMaker’s LED Light-Up Signs really are, “affordable and personal, can’t get any better than that!” and how appreciated each glowing gift is by the recipient.

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