Reward and Rally Great Workers on Employee Appreciation Day

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Anthony Fertino
Published on
February 20, 2024 at 10:51:12 AM PST February 20, 2024 at 10:51:12 AM PSTth, February 20, 2024 at 10:51:12 AM PST

A healthy workplace is invaluable, so Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect opportunity to recognize and rally great workers. It’s celebrated on the first Friday of every March, which lands on the first this year. Custom products can be a thoughtful way to encourage, inspire, and unify your team. We have all the office décor and gifts you’ll need to acknowledge hard work.

Reward your Employee of the Month with Individual and Perpetual Plaques

It is both appropriate and worthwhile to reward employees that put in extra effort and uphold company values. It shows that you value your dedicated staff, and don’t see them as numbers on a spreadsheet.

Awarding an outstanding performance with our Employee of the Month plaque can create a concrete sense of accomplishment. They are both affordable and classy, with a highly versatile design.

Naturally, you can customize the employee’s name, company name, and date of presentation. But you can also customize the board, metal plate material, and even the mounting for these award plaques.

This allows you to invest more time in the award, which ensures it will feel sincere. By comparison, ordinary plaque awards are more likely to seem like a hollow corporate gesture.

Alternatively, you might want something that isn’t just for an individual employee. Displaying an ongoing award in the office for everyone to see will offer year-round recognition. It may also invite other employees to work harder and join the plaque. So, also consider our Employee of the Month perpetual plaques.

These perpetual awards come with a keyhole mounting, but you can also upgrade to an easel for countertops, such as the front desk.

The design features obligatory space for all twelve months of the year. However, you can decide how many plates to purchase right away. Later on, you can reorder each new plate for $21 apiece.

Celebrate Key Promotions, Retirement, and More with Economy Acrylic Awards

Awards are fairly traditional for Employee Appreciation Day. But with our awards and plaques, you’ll have more control to create something genuine. You can acknowledge an employee’s years served, exciting new promotions, or retiring icons.

Some offices even hold friendly contests for Employee Appreciation Day. Others involve the staff to celebrate the success of the company itself, observing how employees contributed to unique milestones.

Consider our brand-new freestanding acrylic awards to celebrate notable people and occasions.

These printed acrylic awards are available in several different shapes, and support full color ink. You can even choose an award in the shape of the number one, for company anniversaries or first-place winners.

You might be seeking something even more affordable, perhaps for a larger staff. We also offer economy-priced engraved acrylic awards with a pin mounting.

Include the Entire Staff with our Formal and Friendly Custom Gifts

If you want to reward all of your employees this year, you can upgrade their offices with unique décor. Sprucing up the workplace can add style and company synergy. It’s also a less competitive approach that emphasizes unity.

Our custom paperweights are practical, classy gifts for Employee Appreciation Day.

Paperweights can help organize desk essentials and key paperwork, such as contracts and proposals for meetings. They’re a formal, small gift that won’t take up much desk space. They are also quite affordable, which is beneficial for larger companies.

You can have our jade glass paperweights laser engraved or color printed to properly represent any logo. Adding individual names and unique messages with inside jokes would make a real statement.

Similarly, consider updating your offices with custom desk name plates. Investing in new, customized name plates can give employees a sense of progress. It also makes a better impression on clients and other guests. This can be especially beneficial for new and smaller businesses.

These custom name plates have a glass design that aligns with most industries and offices. The freestanding, transparent design also avoids desk clutter and looks professional. There are multiple sizes to choose from, beginning at just $31. So, it’s affordable for companies of all sizes.

However, you might be searching for something more lighthearted. For a casual workplace, consider our playful custom bistro mugs. This is an informal gift that employees can simply take home, if they don’t need any new desk décor.

This 16 oz bistro mug features classic office humor. But you can still have it laser engraved with each employee’s name, and adjust the handle for left or right-handed staff. Mugs are also a broad gift anyone can enjoy, especially for a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

You can also have full control over the text and image with our basic custom ceramic mugs. They’re the same size, and available in six different colors.

Under the right circumstances, our custom bottle openers could also be a fun, informal gift. Beer is often a social drink to share, enjoyed with special events or at home.

You can customize these bottle openers with the company logo and unique text, featuring full color printing. They have a friendly tone, compared to typical office gifts. Bottle openers could be fun welcoming gifts for new employees, tokens for a company activity or event, and more. They come with a low price tag and a stainless steel design.

Acknowledging Employee Appreciation Day can be an effective way to build trust with employees. It can also motivate the staff, and encourage teamwork. Workers appreciate a supportive, respectful, and enthusiastic company that’s willing to invest in them. Customized gestures can help you recognize individuals and define an upbeat company attitude.