Update and Modernize your Mom and Pop Business for 2024

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Anthony Fertino
Published on
March 21, 2024 at 11:19:12 AM PDT March 21, 2024 at 11:19:12 AM PDTst, March 21, 2024 at 11:19:12 AM PDT

Mom and Pop Business Owners Day arrives soon, so it’s an advantageous time to update and modernize your business. New, supportive locals may turn out for the unofficial holiday, which arrives on March 29th. We offer custom products to help you add prestige to your office and staff, and décor that supports modern technology.

Add convenient QR and WiFi Support With our Tags and Signs

Small businesses are often defined by their personal, neighborly approach. You’ll likely reach more customers by investing in more technological support. Guests and clients enjoy easy access to social pages, either for sales or future reference.

Consider our custom QR tags to link to your central website or social presence, a key tool for small businesses. These resources could help notify and generate customers. Tags are also convenient for display in smaller areas such as the front counter.

You can have these metal QR code tags laser engraved with any logo or message. If you need even more brand synergy, our plastic QR tags are available in 21 different colors. These trade durability of stainless steel and titanium for a flexible, affordable option.

Many small businesses prioritize Facebook to connect with the neighborhood. Our plastic QR facebook sign is also available in 21 colors. This way, you can keep the signature Facebook design without losing brand synergy.

These custom engraved signs invite guests straight to your business’ latest updates. This likely includes an annual nod to National Mom and Pop Business Day.

The sign sizes range from 4 x 4 to 24 x 24, fitting nearly anywhere with a proportionate result. You can also upgrade the mounting to work with your desired display. If these engraved plastic signs will adorn your walls, holes with screws are a secure option.

Similarly, our custom WiFi signs add a practical digital upgrade to any business. These custom metal signs help guests who may spend longer periods of time inside. That may involve browsing, drinking coffee, or waiting for a meeting.

Although some plans may include cell data, the internet isn’t always so readily available. Connecting online is crucial for comparing prices, messaging family and friends, or even avoiding boredom.

If metal signs don’t line up with your business’ interior design, we also offer plastic WiFi signs. These come with double sided tape, so you can easily mount them to clean walls.

Elevate your Workplace and Staff Presentation with Classy Office Products

Cleanliness often helps improve reputation. If your business has a bathroom for employees or the public, our custom sanitation plates can provide helpful reminders. They can also be used outside. So, you may also remind pet owners to pick up around exterior gardens.

These engraved plastic signs are also useful for simple lobby reminders, so that guests sanitize while interacting with employees. Sanitary environments can be especially important for businesses involving health or food preparation.

Our custom engraved plaques offer an opportunity to showcase degrees and business awards. This is another way to efficiently spruce up your office to impress guests and develop trust.

These customizable plaques come with a key slot hole for wall display, but you can also upgrade to a black easel for just $3. An easel is suitable for niche positions, such as the front counter or private offices.

Similarly, our custom desk name plates are excellent additions for any personal office. These name plates feature a contemporary design. Like our acrylic plaques, the plate has a sleek look, and it freestands on pins. This style can also align with our technology-driven décor.

Desk name plates can quickly advertise both you and your company’s personality. Our name plates include a backing that is available in 7 different colors. So, you can freely create a proper complement for your particular industry.

Updating your staff with our custom metal name tags also creates a professional atmosphere. Whether you’re introducing them or replacing tattered tags, these can build a genuine rapport with guests and clients.

These engraved stainless steel tags are an affordable addition, fitting smaller budgets. The bar pin mounting is helpful for busier work environments. But you can also upgrade to a gator clip and choose rounded corners to potentially improve safety. A velcro mounting could also be appropriate for your security team.

Many smaller, family-owned businesses offer superior quality and service. Mom and pop businesses deserve a national day to recognize their contributions and struggles. Investing in some affordable workplace additions can help capitalize on the day and raise awareness. Even simple gestures that welcome the latest technology or tidy up the staff can drum up renewed interest.