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4 Special Gifts Ideas to Congratulate Your 2022 Grad

While it is not a must that you give someone something during their graduation ceremony, the practice is pretty common today.

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Celebrate Flag Day

The first unofficial observance occurs on June 14, 1885. Bernard J. Cigrand, a 19-year-old teacher at Stony Hill School in Waubeka, Wisconsin, places a 38-star U.S. flag in an inkwell on his desk and asks his students to write an essay on the meaning of the flag and its significance to people of the United States. Mr. Cigrand’s school assignment begins his long, devoted effort to bring about national recognition and observance of Flag Day.

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Personalized Gifts for Father’s Day June 19

Do You Know? The great state of Washington is the first in the nation to proclaim a “Father’s Day,” back in 1910 –inspired by mothers, of course.

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Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

We have a few personalized gift ideas for your Pop – because Father’s Day comes but once a year! Customize your Dad’s gift with one free logo, photo or clip art with no set-up fees – we’ll email you a free digital proof by the next business day. Most custom products ship within two business days of approval and payment, and standard shipping is free within the contiguous United States.

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Memorial Day

We at are grateful to all of the men and women who put their lives on the line to help keep America safe: both on foreign and domestic shores.

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Planning a Wedding Part 3 – Personalized Bridal Party Gifts

Do you know? In the United State alone, 17 tons of gold is made into wedding rings each year. They may be adorned with jewels to symbolize everything from marital bliss (sapphires), wedded harmony (aquamarines) and fashionable chic (diamonds, first made popular in the 15th century by the wealthy Venetians) to eternity (circle rings of Victorian England, coiled snakes with ruby eyes). Each of these rings is given by the groom to the bride and vice versa, as a token of their love and affection and a symbol of their special bond. Husbands and wives wear wedding and engagement rings on the fourth finger of their left hands because the world once thought a vein in that finger led directly to the heart (pitter pat).

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Hug A Sailor on Navy Day

Established in 1922 by the Navy League of the United States, Navy Day not only serves as a reminder of the U.S. Navy’s outstanding record past and present, but a commemoration of heroic service and special American pride, as well as a salute to Theodore Roosevelt, a former Assistant Secretary of the Navy and U.S. President who celebrated his birthday on October 27. The history behind October 27 runs all the way back to 1775 during the birth of the U.S. Navy, when a special committee of the Continental Congress decides to purchase merchant ships as its foundation.

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The June Bride

From the years 1400 to 1500, people would enjoy their annual bath in May, so in June they still smell fresher than they would any other time of year – a perfect time for a special event such as a wedding.

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Planning a Wedding Part 2 – Customized Décor & Signs

Full of possibilities. They say if a bride runs into a blind man, a doctor, a policeman or a frog; a black cat, a dove, a lamb or a clergyman; sunshine or a rainbow on her way to the ceremony –good luck is sure to follow. For a groom, it is lucky to run into a pigeon, a wolf or a goat on his way to the big day.

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Planning a Wedding Part 1 – Personalized Favors

Even though old English folklore proclaims Saturday as the unluckiest day to marry, an estimated 7,000 American couples marry every Saturday of the year –making it the most popular day to tie the knot!

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Commemorative Plaques for High School Graduates

When the group of volunteers from Harriet Hall’s church left for their annual mission trip to Nicaragua earlier this July, they packed enough for 10 days in the rural community of Plan Grande 2, north of Managua – including a set of beautiful custom engraved plaques that are given to those students who graduate from high school.

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Personalized Gifts for Graduation

In the next few months, people all over this great country of ours will be earning degrees, or taking bows as the “beez kneez” at learning institutions large and small. Whether it’s a certificate from kindergarten or a diploma from high school, college, grad school and any program, take a look at PlaqueMaker’s wide assortment of personalized gifts that you can create especially for your graduate:

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Graduating? Five Things You’ll Love About It

In the next few months, people across America will graduate from school. Whether a child is moving from kindergarten to grade school, a student achieves a high school diploma, a young adult is is awarded with honors from college -or a grandmother earns her first degree or certification- this is at once, one of the greatest accomplishments and one of the most important steps forward to a new chapter of their lives.

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Mother’s Day May 8

Celebrations of mothers and motherhood take place throughout the world, observed at different times of the year depending on the country. The tradition can be traced back to the ancient Greek and Roman festivals in honor of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. The early Christian festival, “Mothering Sunday,” falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent, when the faithful return to the church of their homeland -or their “mother church” -for a special service. In Thailand, Mother’s Day is celebrated in August in honor of Queen Sirikit’s birthday.

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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Looking for a unique gift for Mother’s Day, last minute? This custom personalized plaque has loads of style and is made using PlaqueMaker’s unique Easy Design templates. Our template is very easy to use and with so many options for customization, you’ve got this!

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7 Heartfelt Ways to Thank Volunteers for Their Service

Benjamin Franklin understood the importance of giving back to your community. Known as the founding father of American volunteerism, he organizes the first volunteer fire department in colonial times. Today, 62.8 million Americans continue his tradition, volunteering an estimated 20 million hours a year giving back to their communities by serving meals to the homeless, walking shelter dogs, cleaning up national parks and then some. Their service generates the equivalent of $482 million in assistance to organizations and causes near and dear to their hearts.

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Happy Birthday Plaques

Surprise that special birthday someone with a personalized plaque this year.

If you’re looking for a fresh new way to celebrate a birthday, why not create a custom Happy Birthday plaque from PlaqueMaker?

Say you’re planning a huge surprise party for a friend who’s about to celebrate the Big 4-0. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a personalized plaque made especially for them – and commemorate their milestone in the process?

Our Aluminum Plaque gifts are great for that milestone birthday, special event or “just because.” A Happy Birthday plaque is perfect for anyone of any age. It can feature festive, colorful graphics and can also be personalized with the recipient’s name, a personal message and the date.

And you know, not all of our Easy Design birthday plaques look the same. You have even more ways to customize your unique gift. There are a variety of sizes to choose, such as 5"x7" to a 18"x24". For the board, choose from Cherry, Black, Oak and Marble, or upgrade to Bamboo, Solid Cherry, Solid Walnut or a Glass Board plus Base. The glass can be ordered with holes already placed for mounting. For the metal, you have the option of Silver, Gold or White Aluminum.

And that’s not all. For the recipient’s name, your personal message and the date, a color printing upgrade is available. So you see, our Easy Designs are oh-so-versatile, too!

Looking for a Custom Plaque Layout?

If you’re feeling especially creative, why not design the entire birthday plaque yourself? You can request a custom plaque layout by emailing us at, or simple browse our entire selection of personalized plaques. Truly, there’s something for everyone – and designing them on your own can bring out your inner artist. We have even more options for materials (crystal, granite and copper, for instance), layouts (a variety of shapes and sizes) plus plaques and frames that feature photos and artwork – even newspapers, magazines, journals or websites. (You can feature the newspaper headlines from the day the recipient is born!)

Wish a Happy Birthday the novel way, with a personalized Happy Birthday plaque – the person who is celebrating a birthday will undoubtedly say, “That’s so cool – thank you!”

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Spring Holiday

The Christian celebration of Easter Sunday is April 17 this year, a culmination of the Easter season that recognizes the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who dies, is buried and rises from the dead to give humankind eternal life.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and every year on March 17, the world celebrates his Irish legacy with parades, dancing, special foods and a whole lot of green.

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Custom Trophy Cup Awards for Father’s Day

Stumped about what to give your Dad for Father’s Day on June 19 this year? Whether your pop is a grill master, the world’s greatest handyman, the king of the remote, super sports car driver, excellent golfer or just the best-est Father a kid could have, he probably deserves a trophy for that!

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